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Reduce recovery time and muscle soreness with CEP Men's Recovery+ Pro Compression Socks offering recovery-specific 20-30mmHg of graduated compression through the lower leg to promote venous blood flow back to the heart. These socks also help flush lactic acid that collects in muscles during exercise, and are comfortable to wear for multiple hours post-run, or while traveling.


  • Black


  • Pair of compression socks
  • Recovery-specific socks designed to be worn after exercise or while traveling
  • Recommended to be worn after exercise only for minimum of 2-4 hours for optimal results
  • 20-30 mmHg of graduated compression from ankle to cuff activates venous blood flow back to heart
  • Decreases muscle soreness and recovery time
  • Helps flush out lactic acid that collects in muscles during exercise
  • Prevents swelling while flying or traveling
  • Air flow knit promotes breathability for comfort and helps regulate temperature
  • Padded sole for comfort and helps prevent blisters
  • Extra flat toe seam prevents abrasions
  • Anatomically-shaped for snug fit that doesn't slip


  • 85% Polyamide / 15% Spandex

Sock Performance Characteristics

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  • Extra Thin
  • Thin
  • Medium
  • Thick
  • Extra Thick

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  • No Show
  • Low
  • Quarter
  • Crew
  • Knee High

Customer Reviews

Comments: This is an updated review for the CEP compression socks. I first purchased the CEP compression socks in November of 2012. I felt like I was pretty sore and I saw that these were available. It is now over 2 years later and these socks are still holding up extremely well. There is some minor pilling on the soles of the foot. Other than that, the socks show/little or no signs of wear. For the most part, I use these socks for recovery so I don't wear them a lot for actual races/running. However, I have recently started using them more with the winter getting colder and they are a very comfortable sock (no blisters or anything). I have used these for training runs up to 25 miles and they are EXCELLENT. They are quite warm so I would avoid using them for warmer races and stick with the sleeves. Those I have used for distances up to 50k and they hold up VERY well. Overall a GREAT product and I would highly recommend to any distance runner
From: Joe, NY, USA. January 9th 2015