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When you take your running to the extreme, make sure your socks will protect your feet to the max. Drymax Maximum Protection Trail Run 1/4 Crew Socks give you the blister prevention and protection underfoot you need when hitting the endless trails or long stretches of road.


  • Black


  • Medium-thick sock with extra-dense protective padding underfoot
  • Drymax's dual layer system offers superior moisture management and quick drying time
  • Unique vented arch band and and breathable mesh panels on top help keep feet dry
  • Anti-Blister System consists of seamlessly smooth interior and flat toe seams
  • 3D Advanced Fit with based specially developed 3D models for superior fit
  • Y-heel enhance fit and help prevent socks from slipping
  • Active Odor Control via MicroZap™ silver in Drymax fibers helps fight bacteria growth


  • 29% Drymax/Olefin / 37% Profilen / 27% Sensura/Polyester / 4% Elastane / 3% Nylon

Sock Performance Characteristics

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  • Extra Thin
  • Thin
  • Medium
  • Thick
  • Extra Thick

Sock Height What's this?

  • No Show
  • Low
  • Quarter
  • Crew
  • Knee High

Customer Reviews

Comments: Wore these in a 50 miler last March. They feel a bit thicker than many socks I own, but these are the go-to sock for me when I go on any long run. Not one blister or hot spot after my 50.
From: Indiana

Comments: Great sock. I wore these in a 50 mile swamp run where I ran through calf-deep standing water all day long. No blistering at all! These socks do their job. They immediately pull water away from your foot and you feel dry in no time.
From: Jeremiah, Pinhoti, AL, USA

Comments: These socks are worth their weight in gold. I usually get blisters around the 30 mile mark despite Blistershield and BodyGlide application and performance socks from other companies. I tried these in a race without anything applied to the skin as per manufacturer recommendation (reluctantly). Despite a 4 mile section through mud ankle deep, I hit the 40 mile mark with my feet looking like I just woke up in the morning (ridiculously dry and healthy). Even my wife who sees my feet that long in a race was surprised. Unfortunately I decided to change shoes and sox and in the next ten miles I had blisters on both feet. Note that the shoes were identical pair. They feel kind of thick to run in the summer, but the teflon fiber is the bomb. Worth the price even over other Drymax socks.Me and my wife tried the street version on a marathon the week before and she is about to throw away all her other socks. The other funny thing is that I did the marathon and the 50 miler both in brand new shoes which used to be such a no-no...
Finally, proud to wear a Made in The USA product. And no, I don't own stock in the company...
From: Ciprian, Brooklyn, NY, USA