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Test drive the #1 brand of performance energy products. The updated GU Performance Energy Sampler is a complete package of all the latest and greatest GU has to offer.


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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great way to try all their products. Love the variety of flavors too. The peanut butter gel was not my favorite, but it did taste like the real thing!
From: Tim G. Zeeland, MI, USA

Comments: Love the different GUs but I found that the ones with caffeine make my heart beat pretty fast (I take hypothyroid medicine) so I'm sticking w/the regular ones! I take 1 every 5 miles and wouldn't run distances without it!
From: Lisa, Chicago, IL, USA

Comments:  I recently got my sample pack in the mail. It really is a perfect way to try out some of GUs new products and flavors. I have always been a fan of the Chocolate Outrage GU and the Lemon Lime GU20. But with the sample pack, I was able to test out a few new ones that I had not tried before without buying big cases of each.
Plus the sample pack can easily provide you with a complete set of nutrition for an entire day or long tri race. GU2O and some Chomps on the bike are a perfect way to sustain the ride. Note: follow the drink mixing instructions. Its not hard, but be sure to fill up the bottle half or 2/3rds the way, then add the mix and shake. Then top it off with water and shake again. This really helps the powder mix evenly.

A lot of friends ask how many Chomps to eat since 8 bites come in each pack.  4 bites make up a serving. I usually eat 4 per 30mins on a ride. I would usually have a GU every 45mins, but I like the Chomps a bit more and they help make my stomach feel fuller (and the blueberry pomegranate tastes great, so I end up eating extras)

Jet blackberry is my new favorite behind Chocolate Outrage. Oh, also note, that the pack comes with Orange burst. This flavor is being discontinued for the new Mandarin Orange.

Big GU fan. 28 year old Runner and Triathlete. 70mpw running and 30mpw cycling. Mostly training for half marathons and olympic distance tri races.
From: Jeff A., Boulder, CO, USA