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The Heskiers OneTool is an all-in-one massage and acupressure tool that helps to relieve pain and tension throughout your body.  By combining a series of light massage and strokes in a painful area, you will be able to open up and release the muscles causing pain. A pamphlet with sample treatments and how to use the OneTool is included with each package.



  • Handheld massage and acupressure tool for relieving pain and tension
  • Ergonomically designed to replicate parts of the hand and to work on all parts of the body
  • Heskiers Method™: Release with protrusions, Disperse with curves, and new Guasha technique
  • For use on neck, lower back, and sciatica, as well as other bodily pains
  • Detailed instructions found in box

Caution: Using the Heskiers OneTool can harm you if using excessive pressure

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