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Run faster and longer with less effort than ever before! Putting in the miles is only one part of the training equation. You can become a much stronger overall runner by improving leg turnover, efficiency, body alignment, muscle balance, and running-specific muscle strength, and by finding your most effective range of motion.

Book contents

  • Chapter 1. Improving Stride Mechanics, Jack Youngren
  • Chapter 2. Creating Leg Turnover and Raw Speed, Greg McMillan
  • Chapter 3. Devising an Efficient Training Plan, Joe Rubio
  • Chapter 4. Stretching Your Range of Motion, Mark Elliott
  • Chapter 5. Gaining Ground Through Upper-Body Strength, Michael Leveritt
  • Chapter 6. Boosting Economy Through Lower-Body Strength, Colleen Glyde Julian
  • Chapter 7. Aligning and Balancing the Body, Chris Chorak
  • Chapter 8. Fortifying and Supplementing Your Energy Levels, Kyle Heffner
  • Chapter 9. Revving the Cardiovascular Engine, John Kellogg
  • Chapter 10. Peaking for a Key Race, Gwyn Coogan and Mark Coogan
  • Chapter 11. Making Your Recovery Count, Pete Pfitzinger
  • Chapter 12. Retaining Fitness While Recovering From Injury, Scott Douglas

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