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Grab the I-Knead Medium Massage Roller to relax muscles pre and post-run at home, work or while traveling. I-Knead lets you effectively massage in either a circular or linear motion and fits easily in your hand. Pop the massage ball out of the carrier to ice or heat before use, or use the ball by itself for massaging a tight plantar fascia or sore hamstrings, quads and IT band while sitting on the ground.

Size: 2.5" diameter


  • Black (BBB)
  • Orange (OR)
  • Purple/White (PW)
  • White/White/Black (WWB)
  • White/Black/Black (WBB)


  • Handheld massager offers dynamic, continuous movement that is less painful than static pressure
  • Omni-directional ball lets you work in a circular motion, mimicking hand massage
  • Helps alleviate muscle pain and trigger points
  • Massage ball pops out to be used by itself for plantar fascia, hamstrings, IT band, quads, etc.
  • Massager ball can be removed and iced or heated in warm water
  • Use for warm-up: helps prepare and loosen muscles for physical activity
  • Use for cool-down: helps disperse effects of lactic acid and helps relax muscles following activity
  • Small and portable; packs away easily for massage relief anywhere throughout the day

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