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Grab the Moji 360 Massager before or after your run and get to work on sore muscles and sensitive tissues. A set of 10 omni- directional stainless steel spheres allow you to pinpoint sore spots and work in a circular motion, mimicking the feel of hand massage while being less painful than static pressure. Varied sphere sizes let you go for deep tissue or a gentle surface massage. Great for the plantar fascia, calves and quads.

Size: 19" L w/ 10 spheres


  • 10 omni-directional stainless steel spheres let you work in a circular motion, mimicking hand massage
  • Provides dynamic, continuous movement that is less painful than static pressure massage
  • Varied size spheres create Tri-Zones for varied intensity, allowing both deep tissue or light surface massage
  • Multiple hand grips let you reach all muscles
  • Helps alleviate muscle pain and trigger points
  • Use for warm-up: helps prepare and loosen muscles for physical activity
  • Use for cool-down: helps disperse effects of lactic acid and helps relax muscles following activity

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