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Comfortable in-hand for long runs, the Nathan VaporDraw carries 24 oz of fluid while allowing your hand to stay in a relaxed 'pistol grip' type position to prevent fatigue. The soft push-pull nozzle enhances fluid flow, is easy to open and is easy on your teeth and a side zipper pocket is large enough to stash several gels and keys, or your iPhone.


  • Black/Orange (4515NB)
  • Nathan Orange/White (4515NOW)


  • Included 24 oz Nathan GripFit bottle; unique shape allows your hand to stay relaxed in 'pistol grip' type position
  • Zipper 5.25" H x 3" W pocket for gels, keys or smart- phone (fits iPhone 4 & 5 with case)
  • Moisture-wicking, adjustable Wall Mesh hand strap with soft perimeter binding
  • Adjustable hand strap to dial-in comfort; can be adjusted to wear handheld on right or left hand
  • Rugged collar securely holds bottle secure
  • Reflective details for increased visibility in low-light conditions

Bottle Details

  • 24 oz Nathan GripFit bottle
  • 25% bigger, soft silicone nozzle is easy on your teeth, keeps shape and doesn't leak
  • Delivers high flow rate of liquid with little effort
  • Soft grip cap is easy to open, even with wet hands
  • BPA-free and won't leech plastic taste
  • Bottle and cap are dishwasher safe on top rack

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Well, I wonder if the other reviewer got the first shipment of these since the one I rec'd was fine in terms of leakage (well, there occasionally was some spillage around the cap but not from the place where you drink. I am returning it for three main reasons: 1.) It's freaking gigantic. I knew it would be big but it's gigantic. Makes sense now considering its shape and that it's 24 oz. 2.) The trigger grip is fine but I only carry one bottle and switch hands every ten to fifteen minutes to keep things balanced but if you want to do that with this properly you'll need to take off the strap. Nuisance. 3.) The pocket is long but too thin. I would just get the updated version of their standard handheld. Now you can really cinch the grip and it is really a pistol grip and its pouch is larger.
From: Anonymous

Comments:  Pros:

Cons: 1) Cap leaks, even when closed 2) Cap is difficult to drink from without spilling fluid all over your shirt 3) Bottle shape makes it impossible to dispense fluids when holding bottle in the "rest" position. You must squeeze the bottom of bottle to dispense fluids. Note: I used the cap off a Camelbak Podium Chill to at least make this product serviceable.

Overall: This is basically a $5 USD squeeze bottle with a fancy shape, pouch and much higher price tag. Skip it and buy a Camelbak Quick Grip or an Ultimate Direction Fast Draw instead.
From: Greg, Atlanta, GA, USA