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The versatile Nite Beams LED Arm/Leg Band is a simple way to slip on peace of mind when running in dark conditions. Ultra-bright LED's are seen up to a 1/4 mile away and are comfortable to be worn on either the arms or legs.


  • Pink/Black (SM and MD only)
  • Red/Black
  • White/Black


  • Ultra-bright LED's can be seen for up to a 1/4 mile
  • LED color matches color of band
  • Easy on and off
  • 2 modes: flashing or solid light
  • Fully adjustable band is 1 inch wide
  • Water resistant and hand washable
  • 80 hour average battery life
  • Includes 2 user-replaceable CR-2032 batteries


13.0" 15.0" 19.0"

*Measure in inches around arm or leg where you wish to wear band

Customer feedback

Comments: This Nite Beams Arm/Leg band is pretty nice. It wraps around and velcros simply, and has a small stretchy piece that allows it to stay snug. I wear it on my upper arm. I do have some problems with it. It is a bit stiff, and the velcro actually covers two of the lights thus making them covered up and useless, but there are plenty of other lights. So about 1/4 to 1/5 of the product is not lit up. There is some exposed velcro on this product, so it can snag some running clothing - so be careful. I run with the batteries pointing forward and this part is the "dark" part of the band. I do this so that I don't have the battery pack rub against my torso when I run. Just things I had to experiment with and figure out. I had thought from the picture that it was a slightly softer product, but it is stiff except for the a small elastic portion. I would say that it is a reasonably good product, but I think the lights could be designed so that I wouldn't cover up 2 of the lights right away. I might perhaps not have this problem if I got a smaller size. I had purchased a medium size, but I'm afraid a smaller size might be too small. I am a 5'6" male weighing about 170 lbs.
From: Calvin Lee, Modesto, CA, USA

Comments: They're missing a market. I bought 1 for me and 3 for my dogs. The small fits around my 8-lb papillon's chest, the medium fits my 13-lb poodle, and my 90-lb newfie's lights attach to his collar. I feel so safe on our early morning leash-walks/runs. Even off-leash late at night in our yard, they can easily be seen from a distance. It's very reassuring. I've used other brands of light strips and these are the highest quality and well-made. Thanks!
From: Sherri, Raleigh, NC, USA 

Comments: I really like the Nite Beams LED Arm/Leg Band.  At first I ordered the small size because I measured my arm and it was 13 inches.  When it came it was too tight.  I measured the
product and it was 12 1/2 inches.  I returned it and ordered the medium size and it works great!  I wear it around my bicep muscle.  There is a small elastic stretchy portion that connects to a strip of velcro.  This allows to use a bigger size and adjust it to be smaller.  I did not find that info in the description of the product.  There are multiple lights that go all the way around the band.  They are visible from a great distance.  I have had a few compliments on other runners liking my lights. I feel that I am more visible to traffic and people while running after dark.  There are two modes a slow flashing mode and a constant on mode.  The button is easy to press.  It goes from steady on to blinking to off.
From: Easley, SC, USA

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