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Hit the trail with the light and comfortable Nathan Elite 2V Plus Water Bottle Carrier pack with dual 22 oz bottles and pockets to store nutrition, small accessories and essentials.


  • Grey/Yellow


  • Twin angled hoslters for quick access to each bottle
  • Insulated holsters
  • Two 22 oz hydration bottles (BPA-Free)
  • Zippered rear pouch for food, gloves, flashlight, etc.
  • Two removable zippered front pouches for small items
  • Shock cord tiedowns on front for jacket or gloves
  • Airmesh moisture-wicking lumbar backing


  • Fits 26" to 42" waists

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Customer Reviews

Comments: My wife and I have used the Elite 2V Plus on several 20 mile plus runs, and we are extremely happy with it. No material or stitching failures have occurred and still looks brand new after considerable use. It is comfortable, nicely designed and extremely well made. This is our favorite dual water belt and we highly recommend it.
From: Bartman, Asheville, NC

Comments: I LOVE this belt! I typically wear a Fuel Belt (4 bottle / 7oz each) but while training for my first marathon quickly realized I would need more liquid. This belt is perfect. I was worried it would be too heavy to carry that much water around my waist but was pleasantly surprised by the comfort. It is well padded and did NOT cause any rub marks on my last 17 mile run. It also had so much storage - which can be removed if needed. I'm a small girl (5'4" and 115) and was worried the bottles would hit my arms, since I wear my belts so high on my waist. However, it wasn't a problem. I haven't had any leaking either - but do NOT put my bottles in the dishwasher.
From: Mendy, Lantana, TX USA

Comments: Holds a bunch of gels, glide, phone, sometimes I'll tuck a banana through the elastic cording.  However, It bounces and the tops leak.  I  actually had two spouts completely detach from the cap (Like Joe mentioned) on two separate 20 milers.  I contacted Nathan, but they never replied.
From: Dakota, NY, US

Comments: I purchased this bottle carrier from Running Warehouse and returned it after running less than a half a mile with it. Because the belt is not elastic, I was unable to get it tight enough not to bounce all over the place. Not a very good design; might work better with an elastic type belt like the one that comes with their trail mix energy belt (the one I currently use and would recommend).
From: Joe, Corona, CA, USA

Comments: The front pockets on this belt are a mjor selling point. I run ultras and its nice to keep gels, electrolyte tabs, bars, etc. in it. Each pocket can hold 3-4 gels with a pack or two of chomps/jelly beans, etc. The weakest part of the system is the bottles. I don't like the clips built into the bottle to hang on something. When I draw the bottle out I seem to always grab the clips and they give way to much. I would recommend the belt, but I am currently replacing both the bottles with new bottles without clips.
From: Shaun, Cincinnati, OH, USA

Comments:  I like this belt. However, I have had two of the bottle spouts fall apart during long runs which is less than ideal. Nathan replaced the first time. The second time they don't even return emails. Kind of a bummer.
From: Joe, Flower Mound, TX, USA

Comments: The belt is very heavy when both bottles are full, but I'm getting used to it. It doesn't bounce and stays pretty snug if you tighten the straps enough. I used it on a 20 miler and it caused a bit of chafing around my waist.
From: Karen, Atlanta, GA

Comments: Just ran with this product up Half Dome in Yosemite along with a 21 ounce handheld. I made to the peak and back down in 4:48:09. This hydration pack was all I really needed. It didn't bounce and all the pockets were perfect. I'd definitely recommend this product for any long runs or hikes.
From: John, San Jose, CA

Comments: Just got this product and have done some long runs in hot weather, and it has performed great. Doesn't pouch like I thought that it would, but does weigh more with the extra water that you're able to carry. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a large amount of water, and places to carry food for longer runs.
From: Chris, Hood River, OR, USA