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Travel fast and hands free with Nathan's HPL 020 race vest.


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Vest Details

  • Includes 2 liter (70 oz) Hydration Bladder with unique Slideseal™ top closure
  • Provides liquid for about 2+ hours of exercise, depending upon individual hydration needs
  • 3-Way Propulsion Harness™ moves with your shoulders and upper torso: each shoulder strap moves independently preventing pak from swaying or riding up, provides freedom of movement
  • Two front holsters for carrying gel flasks, GPS units or cell phones
  • Two zippered rear compartments for storage
  • Separate holster for gel flask
  • Zippered front pocket for easy access to essentials
  • Lightweight, breathable Wall mesh with soft perimeter binding
  • Weight: 14.4 oz with empty hydration bladder

Bladder Details

  • Replaceable 2 liter Hydration Bladder
  • Unique Slideseal™ allows for easy filling, cleaning and drying
  • Durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) construction
  • BPA and PVC free, will not taint water taste
  • Anti-Microbial additive helps keep bladder clean
  • Dishwasher safe bladder
  • Omnidirectional high flow bite valve
  • Durable, kink resistant drink tube
  • Fill scale helps you monitor fluid volume
  • Tube can be cut to desired length, simply remove the bite valve and cut with sharp scissors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought a Nathan HPL 020 locally for use on long runs in the hot and humid Carolina summers. I hate carrying stuff in my hands, and there just aren't public fountains or water available here. After a couple tweaks to the straps to get the fit right, it stays securely on my back with no bouncing or chafing on runs up to 22mi.  The bladder is easy to fill, and a stretchy bit near the pack's bottom gently squeezes the bladder to help you get fluid out when it gets low. The bite valve works just fine, although the flow is lower than I'd hoped. I'd like to get a bigger draw faster when I take a drink. The pockets work well and are easily reached for gels and whatnot. The pack sits kind of high overall (bolero jacket style), but it works really well. My one complaint is that the top of the bladder is held by a hook inside the pack and has some play, letting it move a little once it's not completely full, not bouncy, just noisier than I'd like.  (I may try sewing a bungee loop into the pack over the winter to hold the bladder top more snugly.)  A solid product that works well.
From: Clive, Charlotte, NC, USA

Comments: I generally run 25 to 30 miles a week but was having trouble carrying enough water for the longer runs.
I have run with the HPL 020 twice now and am finding that it takes some adjustment but then seems good. When I initially got the vest I tightened it so I would not feel the movement. However, it really felt constricting and I didn't feel like I was getting all the air I wanted. During the run I adjusted it with the bottom side straps to move the front pads to the side but still had a little bit of breathing restriction. On the second run I adjusted the side upper straps so that it rides more on the outer part of the shoulders and loosened the bottom straps. It seems to be working well with no breathing restrictions. Before I use the water bag I invert the bag and suck the extra air out of it and do not notice any sloshing when running. I do not notice the heat buildup on the back that I was concerned about and in fact I did not notice very much   wetness on the pack from my sweating. It sure does make it easy to get water with the bite valve and access to gels and phone is very nice.
From: Howard; St. Charles, MO, USA

Comments: I've done a few runs with this pack and I like it. I actually bought it from a local running store because I had a gift certificate which made it affordable to me. I would have bought it from this website otherwise. I do wish I had tried the women's size, because I find this a little big in the shoulders/length. (I'm 5'1, 110 pounds) However, the pack is highly adjustable and I'm able to get a snug fit with no chaffing or rubbing. I haven't had issues with sloshing, and there's plenty of room for my keys, chews, pretzels, baby wipes, and sunscreen on long trail runs. I also use it while biking and I never notice it's there, though I do loosen the straps a little. My only complaint is that it doesn't have reflective details on it. I have a reflective vest I wear over it, and it seems a bit excessive. however, with all the straps in the back, I'm able to easily clip on my bike light.
From: Anonymous, USA

Comments: I have had this pack for a year now and love it. It is comfortable, and you forget that you have it on. I also like that it doesn't have a waist strap which can be uncomfortable and chafe. For those of you who don't like the sloshing of the water on this unit here's a tip: After filling the bladder turn it over and suck the air out of the bladder through the tube. Then turn it back over and away you go...quiet as can be!
From: Scott, Fair Oaks, CA, USA

Comments: It took me a few tries to get this pack to fit right, but once I did, it is wonderful. Super light and hardly notice it except when I want a drink. The pockets are great for my mp3 player and keys. Someone did comment about the bladder noise. I didn't know what that meant until I ran with it the first time. It's not that bad and with ear buds in I don't hear it. I recommend this item. Great price.   
From: Todd, Colorado, Springs, CO, USA

Comments: Nice pack is comfortable enough and holds plenty.  Bladder is well designed, also.  My only real complaints are that it is not real easy to adjust all the various straps and, on only my third run with the pack, the triangular soft plastic/rubber part that the straps attach to broke.
From: Weldon, San Diego, Ca, USA

Comments: I have used various systems. This is by far the best. The pack sits comfortably and snuggly on your body. Yes, the bladder makes more noise than some other systems (no idea why), but it does not bother me. I can carry a lot of stuff- jacket, minor first aid, some emergency fuel as well as my phone and a camera. Very slick system that I have recommended to everyone that has asked me. Easy to fit, and it fits great!
From: Jeff, Dallas, TX

Comments: I have used this system for two long runs thus far. I have tried all manners of providing water for long runs, placing bottles along the route, hand-held bottles, waist band with 2 or 4 small bottles, waist band with 1 or 2 20oz. bottles and even some combinations of the forementioned. Nothing even comes close to this backpack. It is minimalist, but sufficient for longer runs. It holds 70 oz. but it isn't necessary to fill it completely (the bladder has measurement markers-nice feature). The amount can vary according to need. There is room for some gel (or other on-the-run) nutrients, a cell phone, trail pass and other small items. There is a shock cord that will hold a jacket, gloves or anything else you might shed as the day warms or dries. The only drawbacks I have noticed are the noise of the sloshing fluids (unavoidable-use an music player) and the lack of an easy on-the-fly adjustments. But once you fit it to your body there really is no need to make adjustments while running. If you're looking for a hydration system for long runs-this is one is sweet. Hardly noticeable over three hours. You will like this product.
From: Harry, South Haven, MI

Comments: So far this looks like a really good product. Previously I've been using a Camelback Mule - for RUNNING! That's like having bricks on your back!!!! I looked to this product due to the chattering on running blogs, and I definitely wanted a more refined pack system. I won't use the bladder, I use handheld bottles. Need a place to stuff layers as temps fluctuate during runs. I'll report back after first run....
From: Gus, Salinas, CA

Comments:I enjoyed using my new Nathan backpack. The only comment is that it's difficult to put back the mouth piece to the tube after draining and cleaning the bladder. It seems like I may break it. I recommended this to my running friends too.
From: Ben, Los Angeles, CA, USA