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The Nike+ iPod® Sensor Receiver Sport Kit will team up your shoes and iPod® nano 2nd generation or newer for a new twist on working out.


  • Nike+ sensor
  • Nike+ receiver for iPod®
  • Compatible with 2nd - 6th gen iPod® nano and latest firmware


  • Delivers music, workout information, and real-time audio feedback
  • Wirelessly connects Nike+ sensor
  • Gives you instant performance feedback, including speed, distance, and calories burned
  • Download your workout information to your computer
  • Sensor turns on automatically when you start to walk
  • Sensor measures footstrike
  • Compatible with 2nd - 6th gen iPod® nano with latest firmware
  • Allows you to connect with and join the Nike+ community

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Customer Reviews

Comments: It works good for tracking, but the battery life has been disappointing. Bought this set up about a 6 weeks ago and the sensor already quit. I use my shoes only for running, and I've only logged about 50 miles on it. It was after this I became pretty down on the whole thing. Found out you
can't just replace the battery (unless you take the thing apart) but, you have to buy a whole new sensor for $20. I figure if it lasts about 6 weeks a
sensor @ $20 I'll have a GPS paid for in a little less than a year.
From: Mike, Morro Bay

Comments: I was weary of buying this product at first because I do not own any Nike shoes. I found a way to hook it to my Mizuno running shoes and it works wonderfully!
From: Sarah, Natchitoches, LA, USA

Comments: This is a really awesome tool for running. As another poster stated, it automatically uploads you training details to the nike website (and not just the nike+ site, also Nike running training log). The down side is that if you run in a lot of moisture (heavy fog) the sensor and receiver seem to lose sync a lot. Perhaps I just need to buy a new one as my battery on the sensor is low already (10 months old).
From: Travis, Frederick, MD, US

Comments: This really helps you stay motivated. The website is also great. When you plug in your iPod Nano to your computer it automatically downloads your runs to the Nike Website. The run is detailed and graphed out to let you get a visual on your peaks and bottoms of your run. In addition while you are running it will give you updates on how fast your current pace is and how close you are to the goal you set. There are probably 2 downsides to this device. First, the Nike Sensor that tracks how far and fast you are running is powered by a non-replaceable battery. A new sensor cost about 20 bucks. I am not sure how long the sensor works, I have only had mine for a few weeks. The other downside is the sensor only works with the iPod Nano and not any other iPods.
From: Travis, Cedar Park, TX, USA

Comments: This system works great. Easy to use and very motivating.
From: Cory, SLO, CA, USA