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Put yourself on the road to recovery wearing the Pro-Tec Night Splint. This device helps stretch the plantar fascia and achilles tendon, to help alleviate arch and heel pain while you sleep.


  • Black/Royal


  • Provides gentle overnight stretch to the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon; provides 5 degrees of dorsiflexion
  • Lightweight design is softly cushioned
  • Cover made from polyester, terrycloth and velcro
  • Shell made from polypropylene
  • Built-in toe wedge can be removed to decrease dorsiflexion (must slide Night Splint cover off to remove wedge)


Size SM
Men's* 6.0-8.5 9.0-10.5 11.0-13.0
Women's* 6.0-8.5 9.0-11.0 11.5-13.5

*Size based upon shoe size

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This and similar products work wonders for plantar fascia and achilles tendon problems. I wear my boot every night to sleep and my achilles tendonitis has been treated much quicker, and i don't wake up stiff and achy from sleeping with my toes pointed.
From: Robert, Long Island, NY, USA