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Lightweight and speedy, the Nathan Speedbelt 2 pack allows you to comfortably carry up to 20 ounces of fluid between two 10 oz flasks.


  • Black (4611NB)
  • Orange/Grey (4611NO)
  • Grey (4611NGY)


  • Molded holsters for quick flask access
  • Two 10 oz. flasks (BPA-Free)
  • Large stash pocket for small essentials
  • Airmesh moisture-wicking backing
  • Limited-stretch elasticized waistbelt with soft perimeter binding
  • Bottle holsters are permanently secured to belt


  • Size based on waist measurement in inches 
    Small: 26" - 32" 
    Medium: 32" - 36" 
    Large: 36" - 42"
  • Extra Large: 42" - 48" (Grey only)

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great product; everything you need, nothing you don't. You can wear it high, across your waist, and the bottles ride in the small of your back. You can wear it low, across your hips and they ride on the hips. Either way, I forgot I was wearing it after the first couple of miles. Put some "Body-Glide" on the area where the belt will be riding if you experience any rubbing/chafing issues (a problem common to nearly all running belts). I hate running with anything but grew tired of always having to stash water bottles, limiting my routes, finding my bottles empty etc. This system sovled that problem.
From: Dave, El Paso, TX, USA

Comments: Very comfortable. The bottles are easy to get in and out of the holsters. I was able to fit my phone and a pack of chews in the pouch.
From: Lisa, Boise, ID, USA

Comments: Nice pack. Holds two 10-ounce bottles. The pouch isn't as big as it looks, as I only have room for my flip-phone and car keys (my keys include the wireless fob for unlocking the doors). I could probably squeeze in a small bar or gel if I only put a single key with my phone. I guess you really don't need to put a lot of stuff in there anyway. I've had no problems with the pouch coming open while running (it has a large velcro area to keep it closed). I have a 32" waist, so I got the medium. There is enough Velcro to make it loose or tight, and I've never had it come off while running. My only suggestion is to put something between the belt and your skin, because I've had it rub on the top of my hip bones so bad that it broke the skin. The bottles clean easily - I usually put some sports drink in there, and the bottles haven't stained yet. I haven't had any problems with the bottles leaking either.
From: Jeff, Richardson, TX, USA