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The Nike+ Sportband is back with enhanced readability and improved durability. Track your workout with this no frills wrist unit.


  • Black/Blue Glow (004)
  • Black/Volt (071)
  • Fireberry/Black (600)
  • White/Black (100)


  • Tracks distance, pace, time and calories burned
  • Track heart rate data when paired with the Polar Wearlink+ Heart Rate Transmitter Nike+ (sold separately)
  • Wirelessly communicates with sensor that fits inside the Nike+ ready shoe
  • Connect with to log your runs, track progress, set goals and more
  • Review last run data, weekly run data, and total miles/kilometers on device
  • Includes the Nike+ sensor
  • Sensor measures footstrike
  • Battery is rechargeable via direct USB connection
  • Positive display for enhanced readability, improved water resistance, and improved durability

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Prior to using the Nike+ Sportband, I ran a few 5K runs to get a basis for time and pace.  I've now used the Sportband a few times and I find that it is very accurate. The Sportband is consistant with the time and pace as recorded by the 5K runs.
From: Helen, Alpharetta, GA, USA

Comments: Good concept, but to delicate. Mine got destroyed when a tiny bit of salt water seeped in on a beach run. Also annoying how you can't use it without the footpod. The actual distance measurement was not too accurate, but a decent estimate for trail runs. Overall, Nike had a good idea, but it can definitely be improved a lot.
From: Andrew, MA, USA

Comments: I wanted to like the Nike+ SportBand. At first blush it had exactly what I wanted: Time, pace, sounded perfect. However, as a moderately serious runner (mind you I didn't say FAST), with a varying workout scheduled that includes everything from track workouts to sub 7 minute tempo runs and long (often trail) runs of 15-20 miles, the accuracy of this watch was inconsistent at best.

The web interface is good, which allows for easy uploading of runs, but I find that since you have to calibrate the watch if you run anything other than the pace (or terrain) at which you calibrated it, the accuracy is consistently off both for the pace and the distance.

Finally, and this is a biggie, you cannot use the stopwatch without using the sensor pod on your foot Thus, if you go to a race and don't strap the sensor onto your flat, you can't use the watch at all. Nike makes great products, this one just needs a lot of work to really hit the mark for serious runners. I would, however, recommend it for casual runners who don't require the accuracy that I do.
From: Ethan, Danville, CA