Nathan LightBender LED Band

Nathan LightBender LED Band

Price: $15.95 MSRP: $20.00
Nathan LightBender LED Band Sulfur Green
In Stock: 6+
  • Color: Sulfur Green
  • Size: One Size
Nathan LightBender LED Band Tango Red
In Stock: 6+
  • Color: Tango Red
  • Size: One Size


Model Number: 5073N

The Nathan LightBender is a lightweight LED band that can be worn on the arm for 2,400 feet of visibility to keep you safe while running early morning or evening. Click the easy-to-reach on/off switch to select flashing or constant lighting; quickly adjust the soft, comfortable band and you're ready for the dark!


  • Sulphur Spring Green (5073NSS)
  • Tango Red (5073NTD)


  • Ultra-bright LED band can be worn on arm or leg
  • Offers 360 degree visibility up to 2,400 feet
  • Both solid or flashing light options
  • Water and sweat-resistant for running in bad weather
  • Easy-push on/off button
  • Comfortable, lightweight adjustable band
  • 55+ hours of battery life
  • User replaceable CR2032 watch battery

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I echo those who say that the band is too big for smaller arms but I took care of that problem by removing the stitching on the elastic with a seam ripper. This allows me to pull the band more tightly around my arm. I believe that the armband provides excellent visibility from a long distance because cars start to give me room much earlier than with other illumination products. After having mine for only three months, the on/off button no longer works. The battery is fully charged but I can't get the light to turn on. Nathan has not responded to my emails about this so buyer beware.
From: Anonymous. March 5th 2016

Comments: The illumination of this light is excellent. The armband provides 360 visibility from a distance. The band is fairly large in circumference. I am petite and, while it stays in place over a long-sleeved shirt, it will not stay in place on my bare arm regardless of how much I adjust the velcro closure. It is also likely to chafe bare skin if worn on the upper arm. It's perfect for me for winter running!
From: Leslie, FL, USA. March 2nd 2016

Comments: These work great!!! You can see them from so far away. I feel a lot safer especially since I run on a rural road. I also put them on my dogs as a collar. They stay in place and it makes them easy to see as well. I use them when we run and also when they are running outside in the yard after dark and the woods at dusk. I also have a clip on which works ok, but you can easily miss it if you aren't at the right angle, so I prefer these for myself and the dogs.
From: Anonymous. October 14th 2015

Comments: Just got this arm band out on a run last night and I loved it. I felt like it served two purposes: It lights me up so anyone and everyone sees me coming. Second, when I faced it forward on my upper arm, it lit up the road so that I could see on really dark nights. I felt almost like I had a headlight on. Really great product
From: Tyson, Granbury, TX, USA. September 23rd 2014

Comments: The material used is very nice and there are 2 modes for the light - stable or flashing, but the product is too big for me to strap onto my arm, and I think I was unlucky to have received a defective product - the light came on and off and I had to tap on it to the light to come on while running. I ended up returning it and looking for a small clip light.
From: Anonymous, April 25th 2014