OPTP AXIS 36" x 6" Firm Foam Roller One Size Black

OPTP AXIS 36" x 6" Firm Foam Roller One Size Black

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Model Number: AXR366

The OPTP Axis Firm Black 36" x 6" foam roller is designed for myofascial release, to enhance muscular flexibility and dynamic strengthening. Dense, firm Black foam is designed for moderate to heavy use and will not lose shape over time.

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Size: 36" L x 6" D


  • More durable, dense foam is geared for moderate to heavy use, will not lose shape over time
  • Roller exercises enhance: balance reactions, body awareness, muscle re-education and core stability
  • Excellent tool to prevent injuries and for rehabilitation from injury
  • Made from high quality foam, will last longer than comparable models

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Customer Reviews

Comments: My wife and I both regularly use the OPTP Axis 35" roller to massage and realign vertibrae in necks and backs to bring instant relief from stiffness and achiness. Not as good as our chiropractor, but amazingly relieving.
From: Charles, Frisco, TX, USA