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Looking for for basic heart rate-based and time recording features? The Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor offers heart rate zone data, lap data and countdown timers to help you meet speed and intensity performance goals.


  • RS100 sport watch
  • WearLink+ Coded Heart Rate Transmitter M-XXL
  • Quick start owner's manual


  • ECG Accurate Heart Rate: Absolute (BPM) and relative (% HR max) heart rate; easy to check and follow your workout intensity and helps you train at the desired intensity
  • Polar OwnCode: Prevents cross-talk from other heart rate monitors nearby and comes with a Polar WearLink+ 31 coded transmitter
  • Backlight: The lighting helps you track all running details in the dark (activate the backlight once during the run, and your running computer conveniently remembers to automatically light up the screen when you activate any other functions during the same run)
  • 99 Laps with Total Recall: Lap time, split time, heart rate, average heart rate and best lap time
  • Countdown Timer: One independent or two alternating countdown timers perfectly support highly efficient repeat interval workouts
  • Polar OwnZone: When you don't have a training program, OwnZone will automatically detect your optimal heart rate target zone based on your daily condition
  • Totals: Keep track of the number of runs, total running hours, and total calories burned
  • Polar OwnCal: Displays calories burned during the run and shows calorie expenditure after the run as well as estimated amount of fat % burned as an energy source
  • One Manual Target Zone: A target zone with visual and audible guidance alarms can be set using either BPM or % of maximum heart rate
  • Water resistant to 50m: Not waterproof, not suitable for use when swimming

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