Pro-Tec Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape

Price: $16.00
Pro-Tec Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape One Size Blk/Blu
In Stock: 02/17
  • Color: Blk/Blu
  • Size: One Size
Pro-Tec Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape One Size Blk/Pnk
In Stock: 6
  • Color: Blk/Pnk
  • Size: One Size


Model Number: PTKINES-

Pro-Tec Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape provides effective relief for a variety of injuries (i.e. muscle tightness, knee pain, IT Band syndrome, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, etc.)


  • Latex-free viscose tape with adhesive backing
  • Promotes circulation, reduces muscle fatigue
  • Provides moderate soft tissue management
  • Each package includes 20 pre-cut pieces
    • 10 straight cut pieces (2" x 9')
    • 10 pre cut Y strips (2.5" x 9')
  • Application directions included

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