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Simple and lightweight illumination is the name of the game with the Princeton Tec Byte. A single Maxbright LED guides your steps up to 30m ahead on-the-run at 50 lumens, and a handy Red LED helps you see just enough when fumbling in the dark.

Colors and Weight

  • Black/Red (BK)
  • 64g with batteries


Maxbright LED
Setting Brightness
Burn Time
Max 50 lumens 30m 80 hours
Min - 18m 96 hours
  • Single Maxbright LED provides long-throw spotlight visibility up to 30m
  • 2 White light modes: 1 high and 1 low
  • 1 Red Ultrabright LED, provides visibility up to 6m
  • 146 hour light duration in Red LED mode
  • Asymmetrical single arm bracket makes adjusting light direction easy
  • Fully adjustable headband
  • Large push button switch and easy-access, durable battery compartment
  • Includes 2 AAA batteries, Lithium battery compatible
  • Water resistant, protects against splashing or sprayed water from any angle (IPX4)

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Customer Reviews

Comments: LIGHTWEIGHT: This is the lightest running headlamp that I've used. I've tried about 3 different head lamps.

BATTERY LIFE: This Princeton Tec Byte headlight takes 2 AAA batteries. I've tried different brands including rechargeable Enloop NiMH batteries. All of them pretty much die off after about 1 hour on the highest setting for me. Therefore, if I'm using this headlamp, I use rechargeable AAA batteries and take them out after each run and recharge them. I would say that this is the "worst" part of owning this headlamp.

BRIGHTNESS: There are two settings on the white light. I almost always use the highest setting. It lights up my running path fine. The amount of light I get on this is quite nice. It has some diffuseness about it that helps with my night-time running. When the batteries are starting to die out, the lamp defaults to a dimmer setting, and it happens pretty suddenly. Sometimes I feel that I get trapped without proper lighting - this could be a problem for some. But I'm usually running with someone else with a headlamp and can run based off of the other person's headlamp.

ADJUSTABILITY: It takes two hands to adjust this one - but this is no big deal. I like it because after adjusting it, it isn't easily un-adjusted by hitting it accidentally with one hand. The light swivels with the axis on the left hand side of the light - unlike some of the other lamps that I have which swivels on the bottom of the light. Because of this the light itself doesn't travel further away from one's head - thus keeping it closer to the body and thus doesn't make it any heavier with it's lever arm going further out. This is a pretty small benefit, but nonetheless I think this is a plus in it's adjustability design when the entire head lamp is this light.

THE BAND: This band is thinner than the other headlights that I own. No problems with it. I wear it with and without a ball cap.

THE RED LIGHT: I don't use this much, but when I compare it to the Black Diamond Spot that I own. The single red light on this little guy is brighter than the two combined on the Black Diamond Spot headlamp. There is no blinking red light that I know of on this lamp. And there is no strobing white light.
From: Calvin Lee, Modesto, CA, USA