Sof Sole Men's Heel Airr Cups

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Sof Sole Heel Airr Cups Men's 7.0-14.0
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  • Insoles Sizes: Men's 9.0-10.5


Model Number: 12303

Sof Sole Men's Heel Airr Cups feature a dual-density heel protection system of encapsulated air pockets and multi-column gel pods for maximum cushion and protection from impact forces. Use with your existing insoles to help protect against heel bruising, or to help lift and take pressure off a sensitive Achilles tendon.


  • Men's 7.0 - 14.0


  • Pair of heel cups
  • Maximum cushion cups offer maximum cushion to protect heel from bruising, can also be used to take pressure off achilles tendon
  • Encapsulated air capsules absorb impact forces and return energy
  • Multi-column gel pods increase heel protection and cushion from impact
  • Cups cradle the heel for added stability

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