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Keep your hands extra warm with the versatile Saucony Ulti-Mitt. Soft material underneath provides warmth and moisture management, while the retractable, pull-over water-resistant mitt adds extra protection from the elements; the rechargeable USB_LED light clips on and flashes to help keep you safe in low-light conditions.


  • Black (BK)


  • Wind and water-resistant SonicLite mitt folds over for extra protection
  • DryLete glove keeps hands warm and dry
  • Stash pocket stores mitt when not in use
  • Included USB_LED light slides into slot pocket for max visibility; 2 hours of light per charge
  • Convertible thumb and forefinger for added dexterity
  • Plush cloth wipes and reflective logos

Sizes and Fabric

Length 7.0" 7.25" 7.5" 8.0" 8.25"
Width less than 7.75" 7.75" - 8.0" 8.0" - 8.25" 8.25" - 8.5" 8.5" - 9.0"

Length: Measure in inches from base of palm to end of longest finger
Width: Measure in inches around the widest point of the palm, not including the thumb

  • Glove: DryLete 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex
  • Mitt: SonicLite HD 100% Woven Polyester

Glove Performance Characteristics

Termperature Range:

  • Coldest Days
  • Cold Days
  • Cool Days

Glove Thickness:

  • Thin
  • Medium
  • Thick

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I ran with these every day this winter when it was cold. On the coldest days, at 7-18 degrees, I kept my thumbs tucked into my palms until about mile two to keep them warm but after that I was fine and usually pulled off the mitten part around mile four. I really like these gloves and I use the included light especially since daylight savings has me running before the sun is up.
From: Shawn, St. Charles, MO

Comments: These gloves are a great design, but not warm enough for truly cold weather. The wind-block material is excellent but there's just not enough insulation. The back of my hand gets quite cold whenever its below freezing. I'd say they are an excellent glove for 25-45 degree runs. The removable fingertips are a nice idea, but the hole created for the index finger is uncomfortably small to get your finger through. The light seemed gimmicky to me at first, but it works and I actually ended up using it.
From: Brian, Royal Oak, MI, USA

Comments: These are now my go-to gloves. I have ditched the light and will use it on my biking bag. I have been using the gloves this past week in 10-20 degree weather in Colorado (dry cold) and they have done the job for me. During the first 1 to 2 miles as I warm up my thumbs may get a little cold, but I'll tuck them into the mitten and I am fine. After I have warmed up the gloves are great and find myself removing the mitten and tucking it away.
From: Gary, Denver, CO, USA

Comments: These are my favorite gloves that I have. I agree, however, that they are not for the "coldest days" as rated here. For me these are perfect for about 25 degrees to 40 degrees. Anything colder will require something thicker and warmer. The convertible mitten is perfect wind protection, but can be pulled back when your hands get a bit warm. I don't use the light and don't find it that helpful.
From: Kirk, Yorktown, IN

Comments: This pair of gloves is (in my opinion) not for the "coldest of days" as the description claims. The finger portion is one layer of polyester & spandex. The wrist portion consists of two layers (the base polyester/spandex) and the cloth pocket to retract the very thin water-proof shield. They are probably best worn during crisp autumn going into winter seasons; not for snowing conditions. I run on the D-1 collegiate level in Michigan. I can admit it gets extremely cold here training 80-100 miles a week during December - February. Snow and below 30 degree winter season should not be a factor that inhibits my running schedule. If you run in maybe low 30 - mid 40 degree weather, & seek a pair of legit running gloves, by all means & purchase this item!
From: Cameron, Ypsilanti, MI