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For fast trail blazin', the light and compact Salomon XT Skin Pro 3 Set Pack carries a 1.5L hydration bladder with enough room for a thin jacket, warmers and essentials. Adjustable Velcro shoulder straps and sliding twin sternum straps let you dial-in the fit for a super stable ride; breathable mesh in back and the sides helps keep you comfortable while burnin' up fire roads or single track.


  • Bright Red/Asphalt (128666)
  • S Green/Iron (128667)


  • Included 1.5L Hydrapak hydration bladder slides into rear insulated sleeve to help keep liquid cool
  • 91 cm tube routed under arm; doesn't inhibit range of motion
  • 2 small chest pockets, 1 open mesh and 1 zippered; stashes gels, chews or other very small essentials
  • 2 small stretch mesh belt pockets for bottles or small essentials
  • 1 main zippered compartment on back for compact apparel or accessories
  • Sensifit construction reduces abrasion and gives a precise and secure fit
  • Ultra breathable 3D mesh is comfortable while also holding pack contents secure
  • Adjustable SensiShoulder velcro straps let you dial-in where pack rides on your back
  • Twin link sternum strap system secures anywhere along the front for a personalized fit and added stability
  • Adjustable load lifter cord lets you re-distribute the load
  • 4ºD pole holder is instinctive to use; quick and easy access to your hiking poles while running
  • Not compatible with Salomon Custom Accessory System
  • Weight: 11.64 oz (330g) with empty bladder
  • Pack Volume: 3L (183.07 inches³)
  • Dimensions: 37 x 20 x 9 cm

Bladder Details

  • Replaceable 50 oz (1.5L) Hydrapak® bladder
  • Slim and lightweight, fills easily with wide mouth opening and fold over/slide seal closure
  • Soft, high-flow bite valve and one-handed lock
  • Durable, kink-resistant drink tube
  • Plug-n-play, quick tube connector
  • Fill scale helps you monitor fluid volume
  • Reversible for easier cleaning and drying
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalate free, will not taint water taste
  • Durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) construction
  • Meets or exceeds FDA and EC regulations

Sizes and Fabric

  • One Size Fits Most
  • Elastic Power Mesh / 70D Tassar Semi-Silicone Ripstop

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Customer Reviews

Comments: It says in the description that it comes with an insulating sleeve. It doesn't come with one though. It also says it is NOT compatible with the accessory add-ons from Salomon, but the tag on the bag said it did work with them. I have yet to order something to try it out.I tried getting my old neoprene sleeve from an older bag on the tube but it was insanely difficult and I gave up on that and lost my o-ring in the process. Otherwise I love the pack. I do wish the front pockets were slightly larger like someone else mentioned.
From: Aaron, NH, USA

Comments: So far I've had 3 1.5-2 hour runs with this pack. Overall I like it. The fit is pretty good. The pack sits comfortably and doesn't bounce. Usually I pull the drinking tube down so that it doesn't bounce around when not in use, and when I want to drink I just pull it up. That seems convenient to me. It is easy to fill the bladder. I make sure there is no air in the bladder when filling and that takes care of the sloshing. The remaining pack volume is fairly small when the bladder is full, but that was expected. It should be enough for a lightweight running jacket, a flashlight, a couple of energy bars, a mobile phone, and perhaps a small wallet. The two pockets on the back are somewhat hard to reach on the run. I've been using them for stashing gels. I guess a small water bottle or a gel flack would also fit but getting it out and putting it back in would be difficult. I was quite disappointed with how small the two front pockets are. One of them fits a pack of Cliff blocks and that's it - there absolutely no more room. Another one would probably fit a couple of gels or a very small mp3 player. The pack is supposed to be compatible with add-on pockets but I didn't have any luck finding one that would fit there.
From: Stanislav, Redmond, WA, USA

Comments: I've been using hydration packs for many years on the bike but they always seemed like they would be heavy and annoying while running. The Salomon XT Skin Pro 3 has certainly proven me wrong. The pack took about 5 minutes to get used to and and even less time to adjust for fit. The vest style pack is very secure are far more comfortable than the traditional backpack style straps. On the subject of fit, it felt perfect out of the box but I messed with the adjustments to see if it could be better and I'm glad I did, a quarter inch adjustment of the shoulders made the perfect fit even better. Final adjustments are made with the straps that go across you chest, two are provided but I only use one because only one was needed to keep the pack secure plus one strap was more comfortable than 2. I can't speak from experience but I read In a separate review that the highly adjustable front straps can be made to fit women of all sizes...

In the beginning I was looking for a lightweight pack that could handle more food than my typical double handheld setup. I was not too concerned with storage because I live in Florida and typically the only layers I would shed would be arm warmers so a large main compartment was not necessary. My guess is that this pack could hold a wind shirt, hat, and a couple do-dads in the main zip compartment if the bladder is full. The secondary storage pockets (ones you can access while running) are a bit snug, the 2 front pockets can hold a total of 3 gels and not a gram more(2 in one and 1 on the other side). The 2 rear/side pockets can hold probably 6 gels in each or 2 packs of chews in each. That's a lot of space for food however the placement of these pockets require patience to reach around and grab with the pack on. I'm not sure how or if Salomon could improve without interfering with swinging arms this but it can be frustrating when you are grumpy, tired and hungry. 

The 2 larger packs that Salomon offer are quite a bit bigger and weigh significantly more. The XT Skin Pro 3's capacity is perfect for me. Unlike many trails out west the trail systems in Florida keep a source of water within a few hours on foot so the 1.5 liter water capacity is more than enough. Speaking of the bladder, it might be the perfect bladder, it's super easy to fill by sliding off the clip and pouring water into the large opening, closing this thing is just as fast. The speed of filling the bladder is also increased by Salomon leaving off a zipper to access the bladder, all you do is reach in grab the bladder flip off the clip and fill it up.

Like I said earlier I've owned piles of hydration packs and the speed of filling combined with there's almost no way you will spill any water makes this the best ever. The hose is routed under the arm and this is something that really peaked my interest before I purchased the pack. It's great to have the valve near your mouth at all times. If you want the valve set up perfect for your size you will likely need to trim and or secure the hose to fit you. Be careful remember to only trim a little at a time. In order for the valve to stay where I wanted it I had to use some flagging tape to secure it tighter than the supplied attachment points because once you soak the pack with sweat the hose will slip requiring you to grab and pull the hose for a drink, and that eliminates the best part of an underarm routing.

This pack is very comfortable and nothing bounces around. I like most everything about the XY Skin Pro 3 my only gripes would be to have slightly larger front pockets so there would be less fumbling to access something and room for 4 gels rather than 3. You should buy this without hesitation if you are looking for comfort, food and water. If you are a pack rat or will be out of reach of water refills on a hot day for an extended period you will need a heavier pack.
From: Cliff, Tallahassee, FL, USA