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Treat the cause and not the symptom with the Trigger Point Foot and Lower Leg Kit. All the benefits of a great massage in the comfort of your own home.


  • 1 TP Footballer
  • 1 TP Baller Block
  • 2 TP Massage Balls
  • Performance Therapy for Foot & Lower Leg DVD
  • Foot and Lower Leg Biomechanical Educational DVD


  • Used for injury prevention and positive biomechanics
  • All the tools and instructions needed to massage the foot and lower leg
  • Performance Therapy for Foot & Lower Leg DVD
    • Step-by-step instructional section
  • Foot and Lower Leg Biomechanical Educational DVD
    • Talk about what the body goes through on a daily basis and how it affects biomechanics
    • Pointers on hydration, icing, stretching and other daily needs
  • Great for people experiencing aches and pains in the following areas:
    • Plantar Fascia
    • Heel
    • Achilles Tendon
    • Arch
    • Calf
    • Shins
    • Soleus
    • Metatarsals

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This product is brilliant.  The video is informative, the instructions clear and easy to follow.  Best of all, the products work.  The foot roller in particular worked for me way better than my flat foam roller.  I was able to identify and release sore spots/knots in my soleus muscles that the flat roller completely missed.  The shape of the foot roller really gets into those hard to get at spots.  I couldn't recommend this product more highly.
From: Steven, Australia