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Treat the cause and not the symptom with the Trigger Point Ultimate Six Kit. This kit is the ultimate set of tools to help massage and maintain a healthy, active body. Ultimate 6 Book and Ultimate 6 DVD that covers 6 key areas of the body affecting a runner's ability to perform is included.


  • 1 TP Footballer
  • 1 TP Baller Block
  • 1 TP Massage Ball
  • 1 TP Quadballer
  • Ultimate Six Guidebook
  • Ultimate Six DVD


  • Create and maintain a healthy, active body
  • Treat injury, prevent injury, increase flexibility, and enhance biomechanics
  • Products patented design mirrors the feel of a human hand
  • Massage almost any part of the body safely and effectively on your own
  • Ultimate Six Guidebook addresses 6 key areas of the body affecting a runner's ability to perform
    • Education on biomechanics as it relates to running
    • Covers the benefits of massage in 6 key areas: Soleus, Quads, IT Band, Piriformis, Psoas, Pectorals

DVD Contents

  • 2 Part DVD
  • Part 1 will teach you how to use the TP tools and will address questions regarding posture, placement, breathing and pace.
  • DVD includes step-by-step instructional section from Cassidy Phillips (Founder/CEO of Trigger Point)
  • Part 2 features a 30-minute REGEN class, similar to a workout video, that will take you through the total body Ultimate 6 exercises.
  • The Ultimate 6 REGEN Class takes the manipulations and educations from the Ultimate 6 For Runners Book and incorporates them into a take-home therapy class.
  • The class allows users to understand the use of the TPT products, manipulations, and educations. The class will aid in bringing about increased elasticity through improved circulation and restoring proper function to biomechanically dysfunctional muscles.
  • The Ultimate 6 REGEN Class will prevent long-term debilitating injuries by restoring elasticity in the muscles allowing them to rebound to their proper lengths, thereby reducing stress within the muscles and joint tissues to allow faster recovery and improve athletic performance

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