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The lightest and most efficient way to carry a bottle in-hand, Ultimate Direction Jurek Grip Handheld 20 oz is the result of collaboration with Scott Jurek. This ultralight handheld features a sweat-resistant adjustable handstrap and silicone stretch bands to hold the 20 oz Kicker Valve bottle in-place. When taking a sip, the Kicker Valve opens quickly with a simple bite and sip on the soft medical grade silicone valve that's easy on your teeth; when finished 'Kick' the valve to the side easily with your teeth and it automatically returns to the leakproof closed position.


  • Citron Green/Teal (TC)


  • 20 oz water bottle with Kicker Valve
  • Ultralightweight adjustable hand strap with breathable and sweat-resistant Hex Mesh
  • Silicone stretch bands hold bottle securely in-place
  • Unique medial grade silicone Kicker Valve allows for easy drinking that's easy on your teeth
  • To drink, pull up on valve, bite and sip; squeeze bottle to desired flow rate
  • 'Kick' valve to the side using teeth and it automatically returns to leakproof closed position
  • Off-center valve prevents need to tilt bottle straight up
  • Sealed leak-proof twist cap; large opening for easy filling
  • Finger grooves improve grip while drinking on-the-run
  • Squeezable bottle is odorless and tasteless
  • BPA free; FDA/NSF approved safe Polyethylene bottle
  • Bottle and cap dishwasher safe on top rack
  • Weight: 3.25 oz (92g)

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Holds water bottles perfectly and that's all it does. The velcro doesn't slip. I replace the bottles with 30ounce cycling bottles. So far, so good.
From: Gus, Central Coast, CA, USA. March 12th 2016

Comments: The Jurek bottle ROCKS! Hands down the best. Lightweight, good capacity, easy to drink out of. Highly recommended. I used to hate handhelds, but this one made me into a believer and relegated all other running hydration products I have to gathering dust on the shelf. I've tried about 4 different styles of water bottles plus hydration packs.
From: Derek, St Louis, MO, USA. May 12th 2015

Comments: The grip itself is great if you want minimal, but I don't think there's much to say about it. Here's the thing I REALLY like about it...lets say your in a race and want to have a bunch of pre mixed bottles of some electrolytes drink at certain drop bags. With this idea you can just have a bunch of bottles only and just swap the grip out quickly. As for the kicker valve, I HATED it at first but now that I've "learned" how to drink from it I don't think I would want to use other bottles. Pros - kicker valve does not wear down. You can chew on it, let it hang from your teeth if your doing technical descents, and it just doesn't wear down. Also, the bottle doesn't leak. Ever. I don't know what is so complicated about making a leak proof bottle but I've used ALL brands and UD is the only one that is leak proof. I use these bottles daily. Lastly, the ring on the top of the bottle lets me hold on the top after I unscrew it before I get to an aid station. Again a little thing but does make the product much better than others.
From: Anonymous. March 10th 2015

Comments: I used this bottle during my most recent 100 Mile race, and I was very happy with how comfortable it was during the entire 15+ hours that I carried it. I do need to mention that I changed the bottle to one of my older Nathan 20 oz bottles, because I like the feel of the softer material, and I'm not a big fan of the indents in the UD bottles. I also prefer a traditional valve. The strap on this bottle is surprisingly comfortable given that it looks pretty narrow. It's great for use in races, and I've never really felt the need for a pouch in my water bottle carrier, so this was just perfect.
From: Tommy, Flushing, NY, USA. August 13th 2014

Comments: I have used Nathan, Amphipod, and now the UD Jurek Grip. The Grip is by far the best handheld I have used. Very minimal, as it is described, and carries easily in the hand. I never feel like I am squeezing the bottle while running. Drinking from the Kicker Valve takes some getting used to but it's not as bad as some make it out to be.
From: Nathan, Greenville, NC