ZENSAH Compression Leg Sleeves (Pairs) TD

ZENSAH Compression Leg Sleeves (Pairs) TD

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ZENSAH Leg Slvs-(Pairs) XS/SM NePkTD
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  • Color: NePkTD
  • Size: XS/SM
ZENSAH Leg Slvs-(Pairs) SM/MD NePkTD
In Stock: 4
  • Color: NePkTD
  • Size: SM/MD
ZENSAH Leg Slvs-(Pairs) LG/XL NePkTD
In Stock: 2
  • Color: NePkTD
  • Size: LG/XL


Model Number: 6055-

Runners World Best GearThe Zensah Calf/Shin Recovery Sleeves feature gradient compression thanks to with wide ribbing in the front for shin support and, tight ribbing in the back for calf support.



  • Pair of compression sleeves
  • Zensah Fabric for graduated compression
  • Silver Ions for thermal regulating
  • Pin-Point compression promotes oxygen blood flow
  • Moisture wicking properties makes the sleeve ultra breathable
  • Seamless construction means no chafing
  • Non-elastic band won't cut-off circulation

Sizes and Fabric

9.5 - 12.5" 12.5 - 15.0" 15.0"+

*Measure in inches around fullest part of calf

  • 75% Nylon / 25% Spandex

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Amazing, plain and simple. I was having such tremendous pain in my lower Calf and along my shins that I would have to take a 3-4 day break after every run, regardless of length. Now I run, Shower, and sleep with these on, and I can run every day, if I want. Will be buying more.
From: J, NC, USA. August 25th 2014

Comments: I was getting really bad shin splints on any run over 20 minutes. I purchased these as a last resort and I really didn't think they would do anything. I was completely wrong. These have absolutely saved my running career. I can now run just about any distance at a controlled pace without getting shin splints. I would highly recommend these to anyone who has struggled with shin splints in the past.
From: Dan, NY, NY, USA

Comments: When I first saw these things, I thought they were another marketing gimic. Now, I know better. I only wear them during long runs, and marathons. I concur with all of the positives on this page. There is a reason doctors prescribe them and old people wear them. They work. 
From: Anonymous

Comments: I am disappointed with the quality of these sleeves. I have them just a few weeks and they have lost a lot of elasticity. I followed laundry instructions and didn't put them in the dryer. I bought the correct size for my calf circumference and height. I wouldn't recommend this brand.
From: Elaine, Dallas, TX

Comments: Outstanding product!!! I have injuries in both of my legs (Shin splints & my tendons) and I can tell you that you will not go wrong by buying this product. Five stars!!!
From: Rob, Savannah, GA USA

Comments: I've never had shin splints but my calves get sore and tight after long runs and races.  These made my calves feel a lot better if I put them on after a hard run or race.  I'm even going to start running in them.  Very comfortable and they make a difference! 
From: Tyler, Outer Banks, NC

Comments: a great product for a good price. they really do help you shins and calves. can be worn during training or racing or after for recovery. had these for a year and the compression is still working!
From: Jordan, Aiken, SC, USA

Comments: Began a running program from scratch last year & had to give up because of shin splints in week 13 of training. Decided to give running another go this year & educated myself on RICE therapy - using these for compression - I cannot believe what a difference these make! I started week 19 today and I am pain free! I do run in these, sometimes sleep in them. I have found the Adidas arm/calf sleeves to be nice too, maybe too tight to run in, but good for recovery.
From: Sarah, williamsport, PA, USA

Comments: I signed up to run my first half marathon. Once I hit 4 miles in my training I started getting very bad shin splints. Then the routine started, stretching, icing, icy hot, ibuprofen. All of those things helped but until I bought these compression sleeves, I was still in pain. Once I started wearing them, the pain subsided. I ran my half with them on and was completely pain free.
From: Kristie, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Comments: THESE SLEEVES SAVED MY TRAINING! I started marathon training and god sidelined with shin splints. After a week of not doing anything I purchased my Zensah Leg Sleeves  and was able to put in a 5 miler with a little ache in my calves, but no real pain. I've been able to run and play racquetball with the help of these sleeves. I would recommend them to anyone with shin splints or anyone that gets sore calves after runs. They really help with recovery as well.

From: Cory, Salt Lake City, UT, USA