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Launch into the new generation of compression technology in the 2XU Elite Compression Tight. With a graduated fit and dual denier construction, this top-notch tight has heightened support and extra power in key areas prone to fatigue, such as the calves and hamstrings. This tight is designed for both active use and recovery, thus it can be worn while running and post-workout for the greatest benefit to your body.

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*Available in lengths


  • 50 Denier throughout provides strength and durability
  • 70 Denier - 15% more support, 25% more power - in back areas which are prone to fatigue, injury and muscle soreness
  • Circular knit creates 4-way stretch, evenly distributing compression
  • Flatlock seams to reduce chafing
  • Anti-bacterial to eliminate odor
  • Should fit tight but not restrictive
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) protection during flight
  • Fabric: (80% Nylon/20% Lycra), a 4-way stretch, highly durable fabric with moisture management properties

XFORMXFORM: Active Use + Recovery. Powerful, breathable + flexible compression garments featuring the added benefit of graduated engineering for extra support, comfort + more efficient blood flow to deliver oxygen to more fatigued muscles. Engineered for wear during activity and afterward for recovery

Apparel Performance Characteristics

Apparel Fit: What's this?

  • Compression
  • Fitted
  • Semi-Fitted
  • Relaxed

Temperature Range °F: What's this?

  • Cold
    • Below 30
  • Moderate
    • 30-45
    • 40-55
    • 50-65
  • Hot
    • above 65

Fabric Thickness: What's this?

  • Thin
  • Medium
  • Thick

Customer Reviews

Comments: Excellent tight, good compression, and pretty comfortable to run with. I have Chronic Venous Insufficiency and I could really tell the difference when I was wearing this. I recommend it to all the runners with the same problem as me.
From: Sebastian, Concepcion, Chile

Comments: Good fit.  Check 2XU's size chart.  Very good compression but would have liked to have more 70 Denier fabric on the quads and hamstrings.  Although great to have the extra compression on the lower legs (esp. achilles tendon and calves), when I'm doing a marathon or triathlon, my upper legs (quads, hams, IT band, adductors) really tighten.   On short/med runs, this is great. I also wear it around for post recovery as well.
From: SAM, Vancouver, BC Canada