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A pedigreed race shoe with a responsive forefoot that pushes you forward, the adidas adizero adios 2 features minimal cushioning and a firm ride.



The apple doesn't fall far from the tree with the adidas adizero Adios 2. Already off and breaking records, this shoe beats the last marathon world record set by the original Adios. Now featuring a more cushioned forefoot, this shoe is great for speedwork and uptempo training days. The fast, flexible midsole is super light and gives excellent rebound on the road. The adios 2 will take you anywhere you want to go.

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Weight: 7.8 oz (size 9)

Stack Height: Heel (24mm), Forefoot (15mm) 

Available Widths: D=Medium

How It Fits (based on width D)

  • Sizing: Standard running shoe length
  • Heel: Medium
  • Midfoot: Medium to low volume
  • Forefoot: Medium
  • Toe-Box Height: Medium-low
  • Arch Structure: Medium-low 
  • Shoe Shape: Curved


The adizero Adios 2 is a minimum featured, minimum neutral shoe intended for racing, speedwork, and daily training.


  • adiPRENE is a resilient EVA-based foam made to cushion the heel on impact.
  • adiPRENE+ is a resilient EVA-based foam made to cushion the forefoot on impact.
  • CMEVA consists of compression-molded EVA foam for durable cushioning.
  • Extended Torsion System uses a thermoplastic unit in the midfoot that allows the forefoot and rearfoot to move independently for increased stability.
  • CoolEver Mesh is made with a breathable clover-shaped pattern, so feet stay cool and dry.
  • Perforated Tongue provides lightweight comfort and improved ventilation.
  • Heel Cup wraps the heel for added stability
  • respoEVA Sockliner is molded for anatomical fit for additional step-in comfort.
  • Strobel Last with the upper stitched to full length fabric for a comfortable underfoot feel.
  • Continental is a rubber compound that provides improved traction on inclines and wet surfaces.
  • Blown Rubber is lightweight and offers grip for increased traction.

Footwear Performance Characteristics

Pronation Control: What's This?

  • Neutral
    • Min
    • Mod
  • Support
    • Min
    • Mod
    • Max
  • Motion Control
    • Mod
    • Max

Heel-Toe Offset (mm): What's This?

  • 0
  • 1-2
  • 3-4
  • 5-6
  • 7-8
  • 9-10
  • 11+

Stack Height:

  • Barefoot
  • Minimal
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Maximal


  • Road
  • Road-Trail
  • Hard Trail
  • Varied Trail
  • Soft Trail

Shoe Type:

  • Premium
  • Standard
  • Performance
  • Racing

Customer Reviews

Comments: This is a great shoe. I decided to get it as a road race and speed workout shoe after seeing all the Kenyans breaking down records in the Adios and Adios 2. Not disappointed. It feels simply perfect. When you slip on this shoe you feel ready to run fast, point blank. Great for speed workouts and track workouts 5k and longer. The Adios line is going to my workout and race shoe as long as Adidas continues to make this shoe.
From: Austin, Albany, OR, USA

Comments: I've put 100 miles on my pair of Adios 2. I mostly run 8+ miles in them. They feel very stiff. I'd like them more if the they either had softer padding or were more flexible. After running an 18 mile run on concrete in them I decided they were just too stiff for road work. I've decided to keep them for trails. The forefoot nubs on the bottom are also worn down pretty bad at 100 miles. There's more wear in the forefoot than my Brook's Green Silence at 140 miles. They are a fast shoe but I'm worried how screwed up I'd feel after a marathon in them. Adidas screwed up in making a racing flat that doesn't flex considering that's needed to absorb some of the impact from running if they're not going to add cushioning.
From: Alex, Portland, Oregon, USA

Comments: I am glad I have these shoes, but I don't think I will be using them for my originally intended purpose-- as a marathon/road 50k racing flat. They are firm, which I like, but I may not like it as much after 20-25 (or 30) miles. The lenth of the shoe is right, but the shape of the toe box is a bit tight on my 4th and 5th toes; not like the roomier Hagio. I might fix that with a box cutter instead of going up a 1/2 size. While I won't be racing marathons in them, I may race some hilly half-marathons in them, and they have performed well during mile repeats and longer steady-state pace workouts.
From: Chas, Cornelius, NC

Comments: Only one run in these, 18 miles, but I'm so impressed I thought I'd review them. The runningwarehouse description says "fast, flexible midsole", but that is only half right. These are not a flexible shoe (if flexible is like a Nike Free), but these are fast. What I first noticed when I tried these on was how rockered the bottom is from ball of the foot to toe, or in other words the Adios is thicker under the ball of the foot than say the Adidas Rocket, but it has a lot less under the toes than the Rocket. This has the effect to make the shoe, when running, roll through toe off very easily. In that way it runs sort of like a very flexible shoe. It also seems to kick up your heel, like the stride of an elite. I have been running my long runs in a Nike Lunaracer 2, a nice cushioned light shoe with a horrible upper. I liked that my legs felt good after long runs in them, but with all the humidity this summer they would feel pretty soggy at the end. If I tried running long in my Adidas Rockets, my legs would feel the pounding. With the Adios today an 18 miler at MP+30 turned into a MP run. At the end I was actually feeling it most in my hamstrings, I think due to the way these propel you in your stride, but my feet and calves felt great. Fit - same size as my Rockets. Wish there was a little more room for my little toes. I find the Lunaracer 1 or 3 way too narrow. Upper - Adidas makes the best uppers, and these may be the best they've made. Comfortable, light, and breathable. They still have a little more heel than needed; wish they would take another 2mm off. (I'm a ball of foot striker.)
From: Glen, Moorestown, NJ, USA

Comments: I love these shoes. I was a little concerned that the new version would ruin my favorite shoe, but if anything they're better than the originals. These are billed as racing shoes, but work well for me in training. I am primarily a forefoot striker, but I appreciate the mid foot support and cushion. I race in them, too - I've run everything from road 5ks to a trail 50 mile race wearing these... very versatile!
From: Dusty, San Luis Obispo, CA

Comments: LOVED my Adios and was hesitant after reading reviews.  After logging 50+ miles in them with 10-12 milers out of the box, I have to say I LOVE these more.  The forefoot cushioning was a nice improvement, which was the biggest change that I was worried about.  Between the slightly beefier forefoot and the new Torsion plate, my legs don't feel as tired towards the end of the run.  They are slightly heavier, enough so that I noticed when taking them out of the box.  On my feet though, can't tell too much.  I have a wider forefoot and didn't really notice the issues with the forefoot that some reviewers noted.  Maybe I'm used a more snug fit wearing the Adios 1G.  Color way is nice too.  Size wize, I'm a 9.5 in street shoes and have always worn 10 in running shoes.  These were no different for me.  I'm a 5'8", 150-155lbs, and train between 7-7:30 min/mile.
From: Tarek, Chicago, IL, USA

Comments: I like everything about this shoe except the stiff sole. I prefer shoes with more flex in the forefoot. The new Adizero Boston does, but it has more cushioning and a bigger heel-toe drop. I know the Adios is meant as a racing flat, but with a little more flex it would be a perfect all-round shoe for lighter runners like myself who don't need or want a lot of plush cushioning. Even so, it is a fast, light, comfortable shoe, and I will definitely buy it again. Runners who want a similar fitting shoe but with a more flexible sole and more cusioning should look at the new Boston. Overall, I think the entire Adizero line is excellent: no gimmicks, back to basics.
From: Eric, San Diego, CA

Comments: The original Adios was a remarkable shoe, but the Adios 2 however, is a disappointment. Overall, the update takes what used to be a nearly perfect shoe for any distance from 5k to the marathon and completely ruined it. Sizing seems to be a bit tighter on this model compared to the previous one, but the biggest change is the firmness of the shoe. The Adios 2 is much more rigid than the original. This increased firmness and rigidity seems to limit the degrees of freedom that your foot has, preventing your lower leg from being able to absorb a majority of the impact associated with each footstrike. Overall the Adios 2 is a setback.  Adidas made drastic changes with multiple aspects of this shoe in one update and I'd like to see Adidas return to the original formula. As for relevant details 6'5" 175 lbs 60-70 miles per week average pace of 6:30 min/mile
From: Eric, OH, USA

Comments: Im running about 70miles each week and race with the adidas adios1 from 5k to marathons (2:57) I love adidas and had almost every release of the old adios 1 shoe in my rotation. However, the new adios2 is a setback. The shoe feels more bulky and the shoe is heavier. I bought two pairs and I will use them for training and weekly milage. I will try to get another pair of adios1 for my future racing, though I still have 2-3 pairs of adios 1 in my rotation. The new adios2 do not feel like a racer. I really hope adidas will go back to the old model.
From: Espen, Norway

Comments: I have recently purchased and run in pair of Adizero Adios 2 and I have found them to be promising. They were extemely supportive and responsive during my runs, however, not quite as comfortable as I had expected. That may be from the need to break them in which I normally don't have to do with a pair of Adidas. They are snug so I moved up 1/2 size and that gave me adequate toe space. The shoes are so light and roll so effortlessly from midfoot to forefoot that I tend to run faster than planned. I hope that translates to a fast Austin Marathon. My weekly mileage is approximately 35-40 miles usually at 8-9 minute pace. I plan to reserve these shoes for fast training and to race the marathon (#77) because they are so attractive that I just want them to last a while! If you are serious you have to try a pair. Best wishes.
From: Randy, Austin, TX, USA

Comments: I bought these shoes at the New York City Marathon (2011) Expo.  I did some easy 6 milers right out of box.  Let me start by saying these shoes are flashy!  I love the new colors.  Very comfortable, light, supportive.  Adidas has done it again. I will be sporting my new pair at the Houston Marathon Jan/2012 where I am aiming for a new PR.
From: Richard, Sugar Land, TX, USA