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A lightweight and low-profile shoe that lets you choose between low and zero offsets, the Brooks PureDrift offers minimal cushioning and an extra-firm ride.


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Enjoy a low profile ride in the Brooks PureDrift. The lightest and most minimal offering within Brooks’ PureProject collection, this shoe features a removable insole that allows you to choose between a 4mm heel-to-toe offset and a zero drop experience. The flexible midsole provides impact protection without inhibiting ground feel, and toe splits allow the forefoot to move flex naturally. A seamless upper provides a slipper-like fit for lasting comfort, with socks or without.

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Weight: 6.1 oz (size 9)

Stack Height: Heel (12mm), Forefoot (12mm)

Available Widths: D=Medium

How It Fits (based on width D) 

  • Sizing: Standard running shoe length
  • Heel: Medium
  • Midfoot: Medium volume
  • Forefoot: Medium
  • Toe-Box Height: Medium to high
  • Arch Structure: Low
  • Shoe Shape: Semi-Curved


The PureDrift is a minimum featured, minimum neutral shoe designed for daily training or racing. It is built with a semi-curved shape.


  • BioMoGo DNA fuses BioMoGo midsole and DNA gel cushioning technology for a fully custom responsive ride that adapts to the needs of each and every runner.


  • BioMoGo DNA fuses BioMoGo midsole and DNA gel cushioning technology for a fully custom responsive ride that adapts to the needs of each and every runner.
  • Duel Toe Flex uses two toe splits in the outsole/midsole materials allowing your toes to function independently and engage the runner's natural balance during toe-off.
  • Omega Flex Grooves enhance midsole flexibility without compromising cushioning.


  • Removable Insole allows you to choose between a 4mm heel-to-toe offset and a zero drop experience.
  • Nav Band is a flexible, stretching band that wraps over the midfoot to help keep the foot secure.
  • Anatomical Last mimics the shape of the foot, resulting in a glove-like feel and allowing the the foot to work as a single unit.
  • Asymmetrical Lacing adapts to the foot to reduce hotspots.


  • Ideal Heel consists of a curved outer heel, to encourage midfoot and forefoot striking.
  • Blown Rubber outsole offers durability, responsiveness and flexibility.

Footwear Performance Characteristics

Pronation Control: What's This?

  • Neutral
    • Min
    • Mod
  • Support
    • Min
    • Mod
    • Max
  • Motion Control
    • Mod
    • Max

Heel-Toe Offset (mm): What's This?

  • 0
  • 1-2
  • 3-4
  • 5-6
  • 7-8
  • 9-10
  • 11+

Stack Height:

  • Barefoot
  • Minimal
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Maximal


  • Road
  • Road-Trail
  • Hard Trail
  • Varied Trail
  • Soft Trail

Shoe Type:

  • Premium
  • Standard
  • Performance
  • Racing

Customer Reviews

Comments: I ordered these shoes on Dec 31, 2013 and one of the eyelets has already pulled out. I have never had this happen with any other running shoe . This was my first pair of Brooks
From: Tim, McKinney, Texas. 2/10/14

Comments: hello everyone! I recently purchased these shoes and I have mixed feeling about them: at first they didn't feel so good but now, after~ 150K in them (mostly road and some light trails) I have to say that they are pretty good, hardly any cushioning, no arch at all and a WIDE TOE BOX that I love. the only bad thing, as stated before - is the notched sole that sometimes cause you to feel like you run on gravel - but it's only a small advantage in an overall good shoe. watch the SIZE - I think they run 1/2 size smaller then other running shoes. happy trails :)
From: Anonymous

Comments: I have to echo Brett's remarks on this shoe. I sent it back because the footbed was annoying. I got hot spots during all my runs from the off-balance feel of the harder footpods. I've also spoken with other folks who shared my weird feeling on the toe box. There is a definite "crinkle" sensation with the great toe seperation and a "pop" sound when running. The best way I can describe this shoe is awkward. I've run in the other Pure shoes and actually liked them all.
From: David, KC, MO (via Austin, TX)

Comments: Bought my first pair of PureDrifts here back in January. Almost 150 miles, which includes two half marathons, later I'm glad to say I'm really enjoying the zero-drop experience in these shoes. I was a little concerned intially because the design reminded me much of the PureConnect, which I could not comfortably run in because of the high arch support. At size 10.5 they feel very comfortable - almost slipper-like and give my toes plenty of wiggle room to spread and support.
From: Ray, LaVale, MD, USA

Comments: My stats: 48, soon to be 49...about 165lb, foot measurement: 10 1/4" long, 4 1/8" wide, 3 1/8" high (where meet front of ankle). 
As for the sizing: To begin, I bought a size 9, which I normally wore in a Kinvara. Wearing a normal thickness Injinji sock, the toe box felt a bit too roomy, as I slid around in them a little bit. I kept the 9 to wear with a thicker sock, but then order an 8 1/2. The 8 1/2 was a much better fit, about as good as it gets for my foot. The smaller shoe also had a little less room in the toe box and I did not notice sliding around as much or not at all (we will see how it feels when I run in wet conditions). 
As for the feel: For me, this shoe has felt better then the majority of shoes I have worn. For some reason, most shoes have given me trouble with the arch support causing pain in my left foot arch, as if the support is too far forward and did not line up with the shape and position of my foot's arch. I've had to stay with a low to medium arch (like with Asics racing flats, the Kinvera irritated me a bit) Anyway, this does not seem to be the case with this shoe. As for the height of the shoe above my arch, I tend to have problems with the height of my foot above the arch and shoes not being able to accommodate this anatomical difference. This shoe is just about at it's limit to allow me to draw the lacing across in a comfortable manner and still be able to tuck in the tongue on the one side (the tongue is permanently attached on the other side). 
As for the lacing system: The tongue of the shoe is attached on one side and this gives a little more of a glove-like fit to the shoe. There are fewer holes for the lacing and this is kind of strange, but functional. There is still a loop lace at the top, but I have not had to use it to make the shoe feel secured to my foot. 
As for performance on my foot: I like the shoe. I've been better able to run in it then many of the shoes I've tried, based on my strange foot. I have a bone spur at the back of my left foot, behind the Achilles tendon that causes discomfort when I run and it still bothers me when I first begin my runs, until warmed up. This shoe does not seem to contribute to or irritate that problem. I've been working to lower the heel-to-toe height of my shoes and change my form for about three years. This shoe is helping to continue my progress. 
As for durability: After about 30 miles, I have not noticed any problems with this shoe coming apart or wearing prematurely. 5 mile runs at this point in training (it's still winter here) have been painless during and after the runs. I look forward to the longer runs in this shoe and hope for the same end results. 
Conclusion: If you like a shoe with a roomy toe box and a glove-like fit that seems to be durable and much less of a structured shoe, allowing your foot to be more "free", then you might like the feel of the Brooks Puredrift. 
From: Timothy, Westerville, Ohio, USA

Comments: Above, you will see my review. I ended up switching to PureCadence. The PureDrift was just too loose on my foot. I put about 300 miles on them and found that I just couldn't continue with the loose fit up in the toe box. I love the shoe, otherwise. Perhaps Brooks will narrow it in the next generation. 
From: Tim, Westerville, Ohio

Comments: These shoes are very nice. I have now run about 40 miles in them. I was never really happy with the Pure Connect, these are much lower to the ground and by far roomier in the toes. Almost to the point of too much room. I don't have wide feet, so these may be perfect for others. My foot does slide around inside of them though. Sizing is good for length. I wear a 13 in NB minimus, most Nike Frees, and Merrells. Thus, a 13 was right on for these. I like the one piece tongue and the interior feel of the shoe is good. The lacing system is odd. I kept pulling the toe area lacing too tight and thus would cause the material to bunch up, but once again a wider foot probably would not have this problem. This is a great departure from the Connect, much flatter and flexible. The one issue that is hard to ignore is the way the footbed feels. There are pods on the bottom of the shoe that have harder rubber on the high wear spots, and you can feel these spots when you run. It almost makes the shoe feel lumpy or off-balance. This is with the insole still on, I can't imagine what the feeling would be with it removed. Brooks almost nailed a winner with this shoe, but just a few minor issus keep it from being perfect.
From: Brett, Olive Branch, MS, USA