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With a bit protection, the New Balance MT1010 sits between minimal and traditional trail shoes, offering minimal cushioning and a semi-firm ride.


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The New Balance Minimus 1010 Amp Trail is a light and nimble trail shoe that keeps a cushioned and protective ride. It's flexible design has a natural, more minimal feel and allows for narrow turns and quick rock dodging. All the while, the fairly padded midsole compresses gently over hard ground, allowing you to feel the terrain without feeling every stick and pebble with it.

Model Number:

Weight: 7.7 oz (size 9)

Stack Height: Heel (23mm), Forefoot (19mm); non-removable insole

Available Widths: D=Medium, 2E=Wide

How It Fits (based on width D) 

  • Sizing: Standard running shoe length
  • Heel: Medium
  • Midfoot: Medium to high volume
  • Forefoot: Medium to wide
  • Toe-Box Height: Medium
  • Arch Structure: Medium
  • Shoe Shape: Curved

Assembly: Imported



The MT1010 is a minimum feature, minimum neutral trail shoe designed for racing and daily training.


  • To keep weight down, this shoe contains no additional cushioning technologies.


  • RevLite is an innovative foam compound that provides lightweight, responsive cushioning.


  • Synthetic Mesh throughout the upper provides lightweight and breathable coverage.
  • Puncture-Resistant Toe is an extra layer of lightweight material on the toe-cap for additional protection.
  • Strobel Last with the upper stitched to full length fabric for a comfortable underfoot feel.


  • Vibram Outsole is made from a tough, durable compound that gives exceptional grip on the road.
  • Aggressive Lugged Outsole is a full length outsole designed with trail-specific lugs to provide additional traction.
  • Rock Stop positioned between the outsole and midsole is a flexible layer that protects feet from rocks and disperses shock.


  • NL-1 is a running-specific last with a standard heel width, a wide forefoot, and a low toe-box height.

Footwear Performance Characteristics

Pronation Control: What's This?

  • Neutral
    • Min
    • Mod
  • Support
    • Min
    • Mod
    • Max
  • Motion Control
    • Mod
    • Max

Heel-Toe Offset (mm): What's This?

  • 0
  • 1-2
  • 3-4
  • 5-6
  • 7-8
  • 9-10
  • 11+

Stack Height:

  • Barefoot
  • Minimal
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Maximal


  • Road
  • Road-Trail
  • Hard Trail
  • Varied Trail
  • Soft Trail

Shoe Type:

  • Premium
  • Standard
  • Performance
  • Racing

Customer Reviews

Comments: I liked the shoes, good grip on the trails, comfortable, and I liked the color. Unfortunately the fabric on the inside of the shoes began to rip. Didn't get nearly as many miles out of these as I should have, maybe 100. 
From: Phillip, KC, Mo, USA

Comments: Another side splitter after only 50 odd miles. I really wanted to like these. I'd loved the 110's but had a defective pair with the outsole on the heel separating after after only 3 runs (2 50K's and a 50M). The warehouse took them back but advised they probably would not last 200M. Wore the 1010's at Mountain Mist 50K and the bottoms of my feet felt beaten up. I thought okay, lots of sharp pointy rocks need something with more rock plate on that course. Then I took them to LBL for a 20 mile training run and my feet felt the same. No sharp pointy rocks just chert and roots. I don't know why, but my feet don't like them. Plus the sides split.
From: Ben, Tennessee

Comments: Same story. Love the extra stack height for long trail runs and races, the outsole provided great traction on the trails and snow covered sidewalks, but the upper started falling apart after about 100 miles. 
From: Ross, Iowa City, IA

Comments: Just a warning, ShoeFtr is way off on this shoe. It runs half a size small. I'll post a review after I've got the right size on my foot.
From: Carl, Oakland, CA 

Comments: I am loving the MT1010. This last works really well for me [as did the MT20]. And the additional cushioning seems to be just right for longer distances [30+ miles]. However, mine too are ripping at the same place on both shoes after just a handful of runs and about 170 miles. Also, the laces on mine are exceedingly long, even after doing a heel lock and double knot.
From: Liz, Detroit, MI

Comments: I will have to agree with Darren's comments on the durability of the shoe. I personally loved the 1010's. They were, and still are the best trail shoe for me. The cushioning was spot on, traction was great, and the shoe was more than wide enough to accommodate my foot shape and size. Unfortunately, the uppers on both shoes ripped after just a handful of runs. In conversing with other runners that wear this shoe, it seems to be a trend (if the pods are not separating from the rest of the shoe first). I would love to purchase another pair, but I am afraid of the same issues occurring. Until NB sorts out the durability of the uppers, I will have to find something else to run in. 
From: Jason, Rochester, NY, USA

Comments: The shoe runs pretty light. It is what it says it is - more of a transition shoe to going minimal so you have a bit of cushion in there. The shoes I had before were the MT101 and the MT1010 got a bit wider and bigger. One thing that really disappointed me since I got it in August when they first came out was that it only took a month or two for the sides to start ripping - I run about 6-7 days a week. Once it started to rip it took a couple more weeks for it to rip into a big hole. Also, during one of my easy 8 mile runs, a stake-like stick was able to puncture through my shoe all the way in until it stabbed the bottom of my foot. I like the MT1010 because of the small amount of cushioning I get while still being a bit minimal, but the thing that would not want me buying another pair is the durability of the shoe. Unfortunately, these shoes only lasted me 4 months.
From: Jansen, San Francisco, CA

Comments: I've run through two pair before writing this review. I like the increase in flexibility as compared to the MT110 but don't like the voluminous upper (admittedly I have a narrow, low volume foot so sizing down does allow for a similar fit when compared to the MT110). Unfortunately, I find the shoes wear much quicker than the MT110. I think the Revlite breaks down a bit quicker versus the ACTEVA midsole within the MT110. My biggest complaint is the outsole design- I really do notice the heavily segmented pod design. For me, I'd prefer something more uniform along the lines of the MT110 or Inov8 TrailRoc series.
From: Darren, Colorado

Comments: The NB MT1010 are the best trail shoes ever made! They are so light they feel like they aren't even there yet they provide ample protection. I ran in my new pair for 5 miles right out of the box and I knew this was a shoe I was going to love. I bought them in 2E width and the toe box room is excellent. Fantastic shoe! 
From: Robert, Alpharetta, GA