The Newton MV3 is a zero-drop road racing shoe ideal for 5K to 10K distances.


Important Shipping Note: U.S. sales only.


The Newton MV3 is all about running fast. Springy lugs in the forefoot offer a responsive underfoot feel, and a low heel sets you up for an efficient and nimble stride. A flexible, open mesh upper won’t weigh you down and provides plenty of airflow for cool comfort. The MV3 is ideal for 5k and 10k racing and speedwork.

Model Number:

Weight: 5.4 oz (size 9)

Stack Height: Heel (17mm), Forefoot (18mm); measurement includes forefoot lugs. Two 3mm heel lifts are included with the shoes.

Available Widths: D=Medium

How It Fits (based on width D)

  • Sizing: Standard running shoe length
  • Heel: Medium
  • Midfoot: Medium to low volume
  • Forefoot: Medium to narrow
  • Toebox Height: Medium to low
  • Arch Structure: Medium to low
  • Shoe Shape: Semi-Curved


  • 2nd Generation Action/Reaction Technology is utilized in the midfoot. Wide external lugs compress to absorb shock energy, and then release energy during toe-off.
  • High Rebound EVA midsole offers durable cushioning and a responsive underfoot feel.
  • Met-flex grooves in the forefoot allow the foot to flex naturally.
  • Drainage System holes in the forefoot allows water to drain out the bottom of the shoe.


  • High Density Rubber in the forefoot provides a long lasting outsole.
  • Textured Outsole offers additional traction.


  • Open Mesh throughout the upper is a breathable, quick-drying material.
  • Overlays are anatomically placed to provide a secure fit.
  • Metatarsal Stretch Panels in the forefoot stretch to reduce irritation.
  • Slip-Proof Laces stay in place with heel-securing double eyelets.
  • ETC Sockliner is anti-bacterial for underfoot comfort and a healthy foot environment.
  • Strobel Last with the upper stitched to full length fabric for a comfortable underfoot feel.

Footwear Performance Characteristics

Pronation Control: What's This?

  • Neutral
    • Min
    • Mod
  • Support
    • Min
    • Mod
    • Max
  • Motion Control
    • Mod
    • Max

Heel-Toe Offset (mm): What's This?

  • 0
  • 1-2
  • 3-4
  • 5-6
  • 7-8
  • 9-10
  • 11+

Stack Height:

  • Barefoot
  • Minimal
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Maximal


  • Road
  • Road-Trail
  • Hard Trail
  • Varied Trail
  • Soft Trail

Shoe Type:

  • Premium
  • Standard
  • Performance
  • Racing

Customer Reviews

Comments: Terrible shoe! Because these shoes force you onto your forefeet, it places a tremendous amount of stress on your achilles. I got achilles tendonitis because of these shoes after a couple sessions with them. Now I have to take time off from training while I recover. I regret buying them and sent them back. Unless you have very strong calves and ankles, do not buy these shoes. Even Newton stopped carrying it on its own website despite that this is a relatively new model.
From: Anonymous. July 2nd 2015

Comments: These shoes are fast, truly. I run faster in these than comparable weight shoes. I feel the lugs give a performance benefit. In terms of performance, I use them as a daily trainer, did a 20 miler in them, and plan to run my May marathon in them. My only complaint is durability. I have 317 miles on them now, and they may make to 400. I supinate which leads to a very unequal wear on the outside lugs on each shoe, I deem the shoe retired when the lug disappears : ).
From: Dave, Milwaukee, WI, USA. April 17th 2014

Comments: I have gone trough 2 MV2s and now have the MV3. They are OK for the experienced runner up to and including the half marathon, but would really put a beating on my body (M62) if I tried to run a full marathon in them.
From: Tim, Philadelphia, Pa. USA. 2/25/14

Comments: I race(d) in the MV2, but had to order it half a size large due to the narrow width of the MV2.  In conversations with Newton (fantastic customer service!) they said the MV3 was wider in the toe box vs. the MV2, but still with the slipper like fit of a racing flat.  I took a chance and ordered the MV3 the day it came out (this week), and was NOT disappointed.  I am able to wear my typical size, and yes, it issnug, but exactly how a racing flat SHOULD fit.  The MV2 had too much space for length, as I ordered 1/2 size up. The MV3 is perfect.  In comparing the two shoes, the MV3 is lighter, looks better, and fits better. One other note...the MV3's lugs are less pronounced than other Newton shoes I own (MV2, Gravity, and Distance), but you still definitely notice the 0 (negative 1 !!!) drop!
From: Steve, Lincoln, NE