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The Sugoi Piston 200 Short is a graduated compression short providing athletes with the proper support via ZoneConstruction, which increases circulation and reduces the chance of injury.

  • Black



  • Sugoi Piston fabric delivers powerful compression, which provides nearly equivalent stretch and recovery in both fabric directions. Very light in weight, yet extremely strong and durable.
  • Improved Circulation- pumps blood back to the heart, allowing for more efficient distribution of oxygen. Removes by-products of muscle exertion such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid, which commonly causes cramps and discomfort.
  • Reduced fatigue and enhanced muscle stability- targeted muscle groups are isolated and fully encapsulated, resulting in muscle vibration reduction. The muscle group is stabilized by the product, resulting in less immediate fatigue and reduced chance of micro-tears in muscles and long-term injuries.
  • Improved accuracy and efficiency of movement
  • Faster recovery- enhanced circulation assists the removal of post activity build-up of lactic acid collected in muscle tissue. Improved circulation combined with enhanced muscle stabilization for reduced muscle damage all assist in a speedy recovery.
  • 8" inseam, 15" outseam (size small)
  • Lined crotch gusset
  • Articulated for increased movement
  • Flat seamed for reduced chafing
  • Inner key pocket
  • Elastic waistband with stretch drawstring
  • Reflective detail for increased visibility in low-light conditions
  • PISTON 200 fabric: (80% Nylon/20% Spandex), a compressive, stretch fabric

Apparel Performance Characteristics

Apparel Fit: What's this?

  • Compression
  • Fitted
  • Semi-Fitted
  • Relaxed

Temperature Range °F: What's this?

  • Cold
    • Below 30
  • Moderate
    • 30-45
    • 40-55
    • 50-65
  • Hot
    • above 65

Fabric Thickness: What's this?

  • Thin
  • Medium
  • Thick

Customer Reviews

Comments: Nice shorts for recovery; however, they wouldn't have been comfortable for me to run in.
From: Jennifer, South Carolina

Comments:  I run in CW-X compression wear exclusively in cold weather, and was on the hunt for some comparable, but slightly more affordable compression shorts for the hot weather season. I am very impressed with the performance of the Sugoi Piston 200 shorts. The compression features perform comparably (in feel, at least!) to a pair of CW-X shorts I bought earlier in the summer for $30 more. I also really like the reflective logos on each side as I do quite a bit of my running at dusk/dark. Fit is true to size, also.
From: Eileen, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Comments:  I had been running in the CW-X Ventilator tights and loved them but I needed something for the warm/hot weather here in the south.  These are amazing!  I love the fabric and the fit and find they are even better than the CW-X pants.  I'll be buying another pair!
From: Susan A., Mount Olive, NC