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Comments: I thought I would give the Adidas Energy Boost a try after a couple of tries in "Pure" project type shoes and 4 pairs of Launch shoes. The Flow2 left one of feet in a lot of pain after a 9mi race. Knowing running has been my limiting factor for races I took several pairs of my training and racing shoes to the LRS to talk over what's been happening. I spent the better part of Two hours looking and trying on and test running several pairs of shoes. Being Picky distance runners spend Hours in their shoes I was picking every detail apart and really looking to find a decent shoe that doesn't kill my feet. I finally settled on the Energy Boost, this was kind of a blind test since I don't typically follow RW or other shoe magazine tests. It just seemed to work with my running gate(.6-.75M or 92-95spm) and foot strike(Mid/Forefoot). The Heal-Toe drop really wasn't much of an issue since the Brooks Launch had almost the identical profile. I did have to size up from 10-1/2 to 11 in this model. First run in the shoe was a treadmill 1hour timed run(7.75mi) with speedwork intervals. I typically run in Injinji socks and have been for years. Even with those I do get some blisters from new shoes before the break-in is finished. After the Run My Feet were just fine with a small hotspot on the outside of my right foot. Mostly from not prelubricating my feet before the run. I do like the way the support band on the bottom supports the outside medial bone on landing and disperses the impact. Something Under-pronators(Supinators) need as there foot lands and rolls inward for toe-off. I did experiment at the last part of my run with light heal(midfoot) strikes and they were uneventful and the midsole soaked up the impacts very well. I am considering the Adidas adiZero Boost as my race shoe we'll see after a couple of hundred miles. So far so good. #thumbsup.
From: Timothy, Marietta, OK, USA

Comments: The good --> Great energy return. Material of shoe upper is stretchy but still hugs your foot well. The bad --> Shoe is not designed for a wider foot, I could feel the rubber/plastic support band (which doubles as the Adidas logo) on the outside rub too much. As midfoot/forefoot striker, the heal gets in the way, it's just built up way too much, I really wanted to like this shoe and would consider it if they made different widths.
From: Mario, San Francisco, CA, USA

Comments: You don't really notice the extra bounce while running in this shoe until you switch it out and run in another shoe in your rotation. I also have a pair of Newtons and they feel like dead weight after running in the Boost. Personally I love the upper as it causes no strange rubbing. In just about any other shoe I get blisters on the top of my toes after runs of 10 miles or longer. I did order 1/2 a size up and they fit great. The only downside is that they are super absorbent to water. Not a good shoe to run in if it is wet outside.
From: Matt, Solvang, CA

Comments: I bought this shoe chiefly for marathon training base mileage build up. The durability of the new foam was my main motivation in first trying them, but I have really grown to enjoy the fit. I have a medium width foot at best, and yes, would definitely recommend going up 1/2 size for the best fit. While the initial fit of these is slightly more snug in the forefoot (not recommended for wide feet), the upper does seem to have a certain elasticity to where I find I don't notice any snugness by a short way into the run. They also
provide great cushioning without feeling boggy, and maintain relatively light weight. I do not find the boost cushioning to feel "springy" as initial advertisement efforts may lead you to believe, but good nonetheless. Plus, they show NO signs of wear with 250+ miles and counting. While I was skeptical initially of the $150 price tag, I am finding the durability of this shoe to be well worth the while. Would like to see Running Warehouse offer the red (which I have) and the blue, both of which I prefer over this particular color.
From: Lee, Chesapeake, VA

Comments: I actually like the upper on this shoe. Because of the snug fit it doesn't need as many eyelets, and this makes it much easier to get on/off. (Buy 1/2 size up from your normal Adidas size). The concept of the boost cushioning seems OK, but this shoe is designed for heel strikers: big built up heel, very dead feeling mid/forefoot. And the boost cushioning seems to take up more volume (though not more weight) that normal EVA foam, so the shoe feels overly built up - not good if you are prone to twisting your ankles. I have been running on these for 3 months, and they seem very durable: no packing down or loss of cushioning at all. But I will wait till the Adizero Boost comes out before buying into this technology again - hopefully it will better suit mid-foot and fore-foot strikers. Like an earlier reviewer said, it needs just a little more cushioning in the forefoot.
From: Eric, San Diego

Comments: I agree with David. The upper is my main complaint. It is too tight and too hot on even warm days much less hot and humid days. I would like to see an upper like the adizero Boston or adizero adios. The boost cushioning is nice though.
From: Shaun, Sioux Falls, SD, USA

Comments: Cushioning to weight ratio is quite amazing on this shoe. The boost feels a tad different from anything else I've run in, its springy without feeling overly mushy. Overall I'd give this first effort from Adidas 3.5 stars out of 5, here is why: (1) the tech fit upper is for very low volume feet and is quite warm on summer days, (2) not enough eyelets for lacing options, (3) the shoe needs another 1-2mm of boost foam in the forefoot. In summary, this "could have" been a 4.5 star shoe if Adidas just went with a more traditional upper (e.g., Takumi Sen, Tempo 6, etc.).
From: David, Ashburn, VA, USA


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