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Comments: I'm a long time Asics fan, especially the Nimbus line. Unfortunately, I did not like the responsiveness of the Excel33. Cushioning and control were okay. The shoe just didn't work with my mid-foot strike.
From: Howard, Cincinnati

Comments: I have owned several brands of running shoes (Nike, New Balance, Reebok and so forth) and I have been stuck with Asics for a long time.  I was a heel striker (used motion control and structured support models) and I evolved to the mid-foot strike seen on Kenyan marathon runners. I don't believe in this minimalistic hype where people tend to run with almost no protection. Do respect their ways though. I believe that our feet are not made for pavement and I was searching for a cushioned and flexible shoe that can mimic the motion of my feet. I gave the Excels a shot one size larger (I have a bunion and these tend to be narrow) and bingo!!! I am a pronator but, with the running technique I use, I don't need any support gadgets.  I took them out of the box for a 12KM run and I felt that I was running on nano-pillows (my pace was a bit faster too). I saw in another review that they said that the outsoles are not durable. If you are a heel striker and tend to push yourself forward, they won't last but, I barely touch the ground, using the force of gravity to keep me going forward. After that run, there was 0% of wear in the outsole! The heel zone was like new but just dirty.  For mid-slightly forefoot runners, this is a great choice and, they are not as expensive as others. I have the more expensive Cirrus 33 and the Excels beat them by far. The Cirrus are over-cushioned and heavy (too much soft cushion slows you). The Excels have a plastic insert that they call propulsion thrustic.  This device makes the shoe a bit stiffer and it does mirror the foot better.  These are simple, with just the right cushioning and flexibility, long lasting for those with a good gait cycle and definitely good looking! Anyone who buys these won't be disappointed, especially those who know how a long distance runner strides to glory.
From: Cesar, Round Rock, TX, USA

Comments: I have plantar fasciitis. These shoes have allowed me to get back to the mileage I was hitting before it hit me. The cushioning is incredible, even overwhelming at first. It didn't take long to adapt. The shoes are very flexible, even with that plate in the middle...which I believe has been the secret to me being able to continue running through the pain. The fit at the ankle is pretty good but I still prefer "heel lock" lacing. With that said, Asics really needs to provide longer laces when they put a "heel lock" eyelet on their shoes. Don't give me the holes to use when I can barely get the laces tied, without using forceps, if I do use those holes properly. Overall, I am VERY happy with this purchase...especially since I got them at the Liquidation pricing.
From: Joe, Newport Beach, CA, USA

Comments: used to run in asics then to Nike and Brooks.....have not found much I love about the neo or excel for my medium arch 190lbs frame....the excel33 is very cushioned but the heel counter is not solid enough for me and this shoe flexes too much for me.....I am using  asics sky speed 2 and Nike Vomero....The excel 33 could be fast flex shoe with nice coushy feel for higher arch lighter runners....I will stay with Nike Vomero or zoom elite 5 for my needs....with a asics sky speed 2 thrown in for fun and fast turnover rate....would love to see asics hit some homeruns with 33 line but not yet for my needs....
From: Barry S, North Highlands Cali usa

Comments: While this shoe isn't perfect, it comes as close as any that I am likely to ever own! It could have a higher toebox, a slightly lower drop (like 6mm maybe), and definetely a more durable outer compound on the toe-off area. That said, I love these shoes. The cushioning and overall fit are both outstanding. For the foreseeable future, I wouldn't think of running in anything else.
From: Geary, Orange County, Calif.

Comments: I alternate between 4 different pairs of ASICS and these feel like I have to pillows wrapped around my feet. They are becoming my go to pair.
From: Jim, Seattle, Wa USA

Comments: Like running on a cloud!  Some may not like the significant heel drop but I was recovering from an Achilles injury, so it was perfect.  Fits true to size and surprisingly light for a high milage cushioned training shoe.  In fact, at 10oz for a size 9, this would have been considered a lightweight trainer just a few years ago.
From: David, Ashburn, VA, USA

Comments: Asics has turned me back on to their shoes with this one. Over the past several years they've over designed and dumbed down most of their shoes that I've liked by making them heavy, unresponsive, boats. The Excel33 reminds me a lot of the Nimbus VI, which was a light, flexible, responsive yet still well cushioned shoe. After trying on the Neo33 and Blur33 I'm not optimistic Asics is fully back on track, but this shoe is a winner.
From: Sky, HVL, CA

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