ASICS Gel Fuji Racer 3 Men's Shoes Navy/Silver/Lime Customer feedback

Comments: Better + "Different" (better or worse) than Version 2 (v2) I was excited about the release of this shoe, because the v2 of this shoe is my go-to race shoe for long (50-100 mile) trail races and long training runs. But v2 suffers from a few flaws, like the drain holes in the bottom (you get wet feet easily, occasionally a stick or rock pokes through), and the tread was only so-so. Version 3 (v3) successfully improves on these issues, while retaining the same 6mm drop and even slices off some weight, locks the tongue in better, and has the same effective fit. If v2 fit your foot, so will the v3. HOWEVER, there are a few things that have changed that for some may be an improvement, but for me made it worse, enough so that I returned them and bought up three pairs of the now-discontinued v2. The changes are that the foam in the footbed seems a bit softer, and the foam on the inside of the arch is softer. It's subtle, but real. I'm not sure you'd call the v2s 'pronation controlled' by any stretch of the imagination, but there was definitely some reasonable arch support, which for LONG races can be key when the foot becomes completely overworked and the arch stops doing what arches normally do. So the v3 does not adequately support the arch the way _I_ want it to for a long, rough race. I say this because less arch support is, on the face of it, not necessarily a bad thing. It will help strengthen your foot, and likely make you a more durable runner. But I have other shoes for that. So some people may like the v3 better for this reason, but I personally do not.
From: Ken, Redwood City, CA USA. 1/30/14

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