Altra The Lone Peak 2.0 Men's Shoes Yellow Customer feedback

Comments: I recently converted to the zero drop altra shoe line. I have run several trail ultras in other shoe brands with 4mm heal drop and finally decided to try the Lone Peak 2.0. This passed weekend I ran 100 mile ultra and absolutely love the shoe. The cushion is more then adequate to protect the feet but not lose the ground feel of the trail. The wide toe box allowed my feet to be comfortable mile after mile, the zero drop (I am a mid foot runner) was simply not an issue throughout the race and over the miles I now prefer the zero drop which really does allow a more natural stance. The race over, yes the legs are tired but my feet are not near as trashed out as they have been through other 100milers. The tread though not exceptionally aggressive was more then enough to allow confident foot strikes without slipping or fear of loss of footing. All around this shoe exceeded expectations and if you are on the fence about trying them I would recommend them highly
From: GO, WA, USA. September 29th 2014

Comments: Once again disappointed with Altra. The concept is great, but the quality of the shoe is terrible. The outsole wears through extremely fast rendering the Lone Pine series completely useless in less than 200 miles. I've owned several pairs but just can't see paying 50 cents per mile. Sorry to say so, but Altra has lost my support beyond being a comfy pair of around the house slippers.
From: Scott, WA, USA. September 16th 2014

Comments: The uppers on these are really clothy and absorb water and sweat. They also have a lot of give, so not perfect for technical mountain running
From: Chris, North Conway, NH, USA. September 5th 2014

Comments: So far so good did two runs so far about 30 miles nice forefoot,ground feel good on rocks ran on the AT with them which if you know about Pa we have rocks,sizing was right on for me 10.5 ordered 10.5 fit perfect,but there were some people with sizing issues,with all said a great update and looking forward to a long run in them.
From: Robert, Wind Gap, PA, USA. August 19th 2014

Comments: I have run many miles in altras; lone peak 1.0 and 2.0, superior (3 pair) and the Instinct 1.5's. Twice now I have very literally taken the lone peaks outta the box and put them on to race a 50k. They are great!!! Tiny toe-top blisters occur but are altra minor compared to the over all performance and comfort straight outta the box!
From: Caleb, MT, USA. August 14th 2014

Comments: I will start by saying that I have been running in Lone Peaks since they came out. Ive owned about 8 pair between the originals and the 1.5s. I was excited about the 2.0s and pre ordered as soon as I could. First of all they fit bigger than the other L.P.s. If you decide to get them, get a 1/2 size smaller than the others. After I received the right size, I put a total of 42 miles on mine, all off road (10 miler, 8 miler & 24 miler). I noticed a lot of lateral movement in the midfoot and had to keep tightening the shoe more and more. Got to the point of the lace loops were touching on each side. From the lateral movement I was getting a lot of ankle and foot pain. About half way through the 24 mile run I noticed the upper was tearing at a seam near the laces. This seam is glued not stiched so I can see why it broke loose. The cushion was okay, a little more spongy then I like but not bad. The new tread was great. Gripped the dirt, mud and rocks nicely. If the upper hadn 't torn I would have maybe tried them a little bit longer to see if my feet and ankles adjusted. I love Altra and use them for road and trail. Used most of their shoes with no problems. I hope they correct the upper issues because I hate to look for another trail shoe. I bought a stock pile of 1.5s to get me through my 100 miler in a few months. Then maybe I will try the superiors. Luckily I bought these through Running Warehouse and I will have no problem sending them back. Ive never dealt with better customer service and will always get gear and shoes here because of that.
From: Vince, GA, USA. August 10th 2014

Comments: I've had these shoes for 2 weeks and have run up to 12 miles off-road in them. I'm in LOVE. The wide forefoot is perfect for me, and unlike any other shoe on the market. There is plenty of cushioning and a good rockplate that offers protection without excess stiffness (a rugged 50 miler would be fine in these). I may never need a different trail shoe!
From: Alex.  August 10th 2014


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