Altra The One2 Men's Shoes Blue/Orange Customer feedback

Comments: I ordered this shoe with the intention of using for some speed work. When they arrived to the house, I put them on and was blown away by how light and yet cushioned they are. I wore them on a seven mile run the next morning, and three days later I wore them in a PR setting marathon.These are definitely not a "semi firm ride". They are more like running in socks on top of clouds. With every foot strike, it feels like my feet are in the perfect position and running is effortless. I wore these shoes exclusively for 8 weeks logging nearly 400 miles on them. At that point I had worn the tread off them, but they still didn't feel bad. The foam compound they use in this shoe is unlike any other I have ran in. It is very soft and yet responsive. I have not had the durability issues that I read below, but don't expect to get a ton of miles on the shoe. I bought a pair of the Paradigms to lighten the load on my one2's, but I love these shoes so much that I am prepared to buy a new pair every three months if I need to. This shoe is truly a joy to run in.
From: Mileslayer, Carrollton, GA, USA. October 17th 2014

Comments: I really wanted to keep these shoes. They're lightweight, have decent cushioning, and most importantly, are wide in the forefoot. However, two issues cropped up for me. One was the shape of the toe area. They strangely meet at almost a point so that there's very little volume up front. You can see this in the side view pictures. My toes kept rubbing along the top. Not an issue for short runs but might create problems over longer runs. I never got that far due to issue number two - quality control. The left shoe was larger than the right causing me to have to cinch up the laces extra tight which in turn caused some bunching and discomfort. Then after a few runs, the laces started deteriorating. The weave began unraveling.
From: TP. August 26th 2014

Comments: I LOVE these shoes. Amazing amount of cushion for a sub-7oz shoe, and the wide toe box makes my feet so happy. I have sensitive feet, but the combo of cushion and breathing room is enough to keep my feet happy on 10+ mile road runs. In most other shoes I would not go over 6-7 miles except on trails. The only slight complaint is the way the upper angles down so sharply to meet the sole at the very front of the shoe. No-one's toes come to a point like that! The tip of the toe box needs to be 4-5 mm taller (as it is in the Lone Peak 2, BTW). Then this shoe would be perfect.
From: Alex. August 10th 2014

Comments: LOVE/HATE!! Love the shoe... feels great, comfortable... maybe potentially my favorite shoe ever? However the R&D went into the fit and function but not durability. My first pair I ordered began to peel apart after literally 2 hours of casual wear. Logos and the black area where the laces are began to peel off. Returned them. The second pair I got didn't peel (yet), however after just one week of casual running, (3-4 easy milers all on pavement)the sole is separating significantly at the toe box. So I give up. I'll keep these for trail shoes until they fall apart (which won't be long). Lesson learned. I only hope that Altra finally figures it out with this shoe. Once again... I LOVE this shoe. I would have bought two more pair. But investing $100 in a shoe that falls apart (two times) in under a week? Sadly... VERY sadly I must say buyer beware. I hope One3 addresses the durability aspect of this shoe.
From: Rob, NC, USA. July 21st 2014

Comments: Other than the size issue (which, like everyone says, go 1/2 size up), the shoe is excellent. Very different than the original One, but for the better. It's softer but more flexible, and definitely feels faster. Great shoe by Altra, probably the only one in their lineup that feels fast (don't know about the new 3 sum yet). Still deciding whether it's the right shoe for 26.2, but for 14 (my longest so far in these) it feels great.
From: Will, San Francisco, CA, USA. July 3rd 2014

Comments: Go at least a 1/2 size up. I wear 9.5 in asics, nike, saucony, mizuno but in a One2 my toes hit in a 10. I have to try a 10.5.
From: Tom, Brooklyn, NY, USA. July 1st 2014

Comments: Yep...go a half-size up. I had to go through the return time, etc...but it was well-worth it! This shoe is light and cushioned...and fast. I'd even gone against conventional wisdom (because the shoe felt so good) - I did a 4mi run in these on a Thursday & ran a marathon (in these) on that Saturday. They felt GREAT! What I've noticed is that only after 30mi the out-sole is starting to show wear. I think it's an awesome shoe, but I'll be excited if it lasts 200mi (for me, a 170lb runner). Overall, I'm well-pleased and will purchase them again!
From: Mike, NE, USA. June 22nd 2014

Comments: save return time and go 1/2 size up
From: Anonymous. June 6th 2014


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