ASICS Gel Nimbus 16 Men's Shoes Blue/Lightning/Lime Customer feedback

Comments: The cushion and feel of these is great for me. Unfortunately, the sizing runs small. I normally wear a size 11 with no problems. In these the 11 was much too narrow. I went up to an 11 1/2 and the width was ok, but then the shoe was too long for me right foot which is the smaller one. So..back to the store they go. I wanted them to fit!
From: James, Houston, TX, USA. October 22nd 2014

Comments: Been wearing Nimbus since its inception. The last model I truly enjoyed both comfort and performance wise was the 13. Couldn't wear the 14 or 15. Was optimistic about the 16 but I'm disappointed again. The sizing is larger and wider and my feet felt like they were swimming in the shoes. Not wanting to lace up the too long laces tighter, I returned them and bought the Saucony Triumph 11's. To my delight and comfort, the Triumph 11's perform exactly as a cushioned neutral shoe should. Sorry Asics, the Nimbus appear to not be working for me.
From: Jerry. September 26th 2014

Comments: Initially I had problems with inconsistent sizing on this shoe. I returned my normal size and sized up a half-size. That went okay and the shoe is well cushioned, but I've got to say the Nimbus 16 is an unreliable failure. It used to be that the forefoot outsole of Nimbus's were very durable. But in the Nimbus 16, it has been replaced with a less-resilient material that wears at a ridiculously fast rate. Also the mesh upper of the shoe is extremely weak. Yesterday I noticed a hole forming where my small outer toe flexes during pushoff. Today it ripped thru completely. The upper had sustained no prior abrasion or damage. It simply failed, ripping open from normal running forces after only 250 miles. Till now I've been a repeat Asics customer who's worn 9 pairs of their shoes (Nimbus, Kayano, DS Racer, Excel 33's) in the last 3 years. I've been running for 37 years and I've never seen a shoe fail like this.
From: Troy, VA, USA. August 14th 2014

Comments: Nimbus keeps getting better. Replaced my Nimbus 13s (w/ 600+ miles) for now 16s. felt great and no need for break-in. 1st 6 miles no issues and don't expect any for the next 200+ this year. Cushioning was great and no improvements suggestions from me. I have been running for over 15 years (20+ pairs of shoe experience). I am 6' 4" 190 lbs and flat-footed. Use that to help your show selection...
From: Jim, Worcester, MA, USA. July 13th 2014

Comments: Fitting a shoe for me is kind of a quandary. I'm a tall and large guy (6'2" and 200+ lbs) so one would think that I would have flat feet and overpronate. Not for me. Average arch, no sign of overpronation (the heels of my pairs of work shoes wear on the outside of the heal.) The only special consideration I need is a 4E width. And, I might add that the size is very true. I wear a 134E in all athletic shoes, and this fit is spot on. I've tried them all, Brooks Beast, Asics Kayano, Nike Vomero...NOTHING comes close to the size and cushioning of the Asics Nimbus-16. Don't assume because you're a large guy you automatically have flat feet and overpronate. It's likely, but have it checked out. If that's not the case, go width the Nimbus-16s.
From: Jim G, Tennessee, USA. May 31st 2014

Comments: Why can't Asics maintain consistent sizing? Last winter I bought some Nimbus 15's which fit perfect. In the spring, I bought another pair of Nimbus 15's in the same size and they were subtly shorter and mangled my toenails after a few weeks of wear. Now, I'm standing in the new Nimbus 16(in the same size)and it's way too small. Like most people, the length of my feet are not precisely the same. My right foot is slightly longer than my left. When shoe companies shrink the standard sizes of their shoes, forcing people up into sizes they've never worn in their life, it creates an imbalanced situation where one shoe just does fit and the other is too big. Way to go.I'll be returning these for sure.
From: Troy, VA, USA. May 16th 2014

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