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Comments: 6 weeks in and the bottoms are worn off. This makes these the most expensive shoe. $1 per mile! No way. I'm looking for something else
From: Anonymous. May 18th 2014

Comments: Very comfortable and great cushioning. But, not at all durable. I have 230 miles on them and the soles are worn off. I've never owned a shoe that wore out this quickly.
From: Tom, USA. April 15th 2014

Comments: Like the Ghost 6 for lightweight cushioning and fantastic heel to toe transition. However, similiar to the Ghost 5, I am Not, at all, pleased with the lack of outsole durability. Have just over 210 miles on mine and the heel outsole is worn down to the midsole already. Not worth another pair for this reason...
From: David, Tempe, AZ

Comments: Not the Ghost 5. I am currently on my second pair of Ghost 6 since September. I have been training for my first, late fall night 5K and decided to go the the same brand new model shoe. First pair heel came loose while running. Customer service was very helpful on getting me a replacement pair so I only missed one day of training. However, Now on the second pair, something is going on with the Brooks DNA custom cushioning. On my right foot it feels as if a there is a fold or bubble forms under my forefoot only while running, cause me to have to change my foot placement. Which is what I believe contributed to my right right calf strain. Changing inserts doesn't help either. Walking during warm up it feels great.
From: Johnnie, Oxford, Mississippi, US

Comments: it is a great shoes, i used it for several race. it hell-to-toe transition is great and the cushioning is perfect for me. the problem is that after 100 miles the sole is completely worn.
From: flavio, milan, italy

Comments: Great shoe. Just bought my 3rd. pair. Have one pair for dress and two pair for fishing, hunting and bumming around.
From: Steven, Bridge City, Texas, USA

Comments: A vastly improved update from the Ghost 5. Better cushioning in the forefoot plus a fantastic heel-to-toe transition. Have taken two 6 mile runs and I'm very impressed with the overall softer cushioning without it feeling mushy. Now if the durability (wear) is decent it's definitely a huge winner for me!
From: David, Tempe, AZ

Comments: These shoes are great. Had them for a couple weeks now. They're very cushioned and great for those longer runs. On the downside, my feet get hot really quick and the shoes don't seem to circulate air very well. It's like a sauna for my foot. But other than that, they're one of my favorite shoes.
From: Pier, NC, USA



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