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Comments: I run a few times a week and walk every other day, and with a long history of shin problems, finding a good pair of running shoes is important to me. I wear orthotics, and for the last couple of years I've been wearing Adidas Supernova Glide 4's, which fit me perfectly. I've now gone through 4 pairs of these shoes (I stocked up because I liked them so much), and thought there must be a current pair of shoes out there which will work for me. I was recommended the Ghost 6's, and brought them, but after going for a couple of walks to test them out before going for a run I've already decided I don't like them. I have blisters on my heals, I have knee pain which I never get, my right shin also now has shin splints....and this is just from walking! I have a long history of shin problems, but normally I can walk around in flip flops or Nike Free's all day long and not have problems. The sole of the shoe is also very rounded, you almost feel like you could not only roll forwards in them, but left and right as well. I asked my sister to put them on and tell me what she thought and she said the same thing. Definitely try before you buy, and walk around the store for a good 10 mins or so before buying them.
From: Jodie, Australia. May 20th 2014

Comments: After wear-testing this shoe for Brooks, I'm now sold on the Ghost 6, and hopefully every version that comes hereafter. My Sweetie recently bought a 2nd pair for me for my birthday. I rotate them in with other brands of neutral shoes, but this pair, by far, fits and feels the best. My regular shoe size is 6.5 but for running I go up half a size to a 7. The toe box is quite sufficient. The mid-foot is responsive, not stiff like some shoes.
From: Anne, Flat Rock, NC, USA

Comments: Great shoe - lightweight, but plenty of cushioning for marathon training. I've been running in minimialst shoes for a couple years, but was strugging with shin splints. I switched to his shoe and my shin splints went away! I have almost 100 miles on them and they look brand new!
From: Happy Runner, Oakland, CA, USA

Comments: Here is my opinion of the Ghost 6. I ran my first 5 in them yesterday. They have a soft stride, but I don't see them lasting as long as my Nimbus. I just have a feeling I'm gonna burn through those treads. I didn't experience any discomfort until the very end, when my knee started to hurt and a weird big toe pain. I think it's just because they are new and different. Worth trying on and running around inside, then decide on your own. 
From: Christine, Raleigh, NC, USA

Comments: Ok, I've been a true blue Asics Nimbus runner for many years. I've suffered through too many changes though, and decided to try a new shoe. Since I have a med-high arch, long, but not beefy feet, narrow heels, and use orthotics, I have a time finding shoes. So I have been running around my home with the new Ghost 6. I tried the other, higher end Brooks shoe, (the name escapes me), but I felt like I had a brick tied to my foot. Those went back. Tomorrow morning I'll run 5 or so in the new Ghost's. They feel ok, but I don't think they will have the longevity that the Nimbus did. They are $35 less, and I can sort of see why, but the road test will be the decision maker. As far a details though... light weight, interesting feel to the midfoot because of the elimination of the shank, and just comfortable. I'll provide more feedback after the first 5 mile run.
From: Christine, Raleigh, NC, USA

Comments: Very comfortable and has a great fit. I have been running in the Ghost 5, but I love the updates on the 6. Very happy with this shoe and would highly recommend it. I run over 30 miles a week. Running warehouse is the best place to order shoes. Awesome customer service and knowledge of their products. Fast free shipping too. 
From: Ashton, Ardmore, OK, USA

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