Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14 Women's Shoes Black/Electric Customer feedback

Comments: I am loving the 14s! I've been running in Brooks for 5 years now and have always stuck with the Adrenalines. I just retired a couple pairs of the 12s which I hated, however I am absolutely loving the 14s! The breaking in period has been great! I do have some forefoot tingeling on runs longer than 5 miles, but based on previous shoes, that will go away as I break them in. Huge improvement over the 12s!
From: Angie. April 29th 2014

Comments: I too have had nothing but problems with this shoe. I bought the shoes in the middle of Novemeber and by Feb I developed issues. My heel constatly felt like it was hot or burning. I ended up with planter fascitis that went into flexor tendonitis. I haven't been able to go to the gym for the last three months, due to all the at home exercise, physical therapy recommended, as well as steriods. I called Brooks on these shoes and they offered to give me 25% off on the next pair. Whoopie!
From: Angie, Indiana. 3/14/14

Comments: First time I had my feet fitted for shoes. I have had ongoing foot and ankle issues. I planned on wearing them just for going to the gym but have found that they work as every day outside shoes. Any other shoe so far my ankle starts hurting or my feet hurt. I love these shoes. I don't run much, and I can see how they feel a little bulky- but I like it. It feels like far better support. (Then again I'm sure I wasnt getting much from any of my other shoes and don't have a ton of things to compare it to.
From: Amber, Little Chute, WI, USA. 3/10/14

Comments: I've been wearing Adrenaline for many years - through marathons and ironman triathlons. I agree, not sure what they did but I hated the 14's - returned them! My feet were hot, tingly, they seemed "flat", slipped off my one heel, just crazy - as I have loved this predictable shoe for so long. I ended up scooping up a pair of sale 13's from zappos.
From: Anonymous. 2/20/14

Comments: I have been a loyal Adrenaline wearer, but I HATE the 14's! They fit more bulk, clunky and just uncomfortable all together! I have never had a running injury, but after running in these shoes my left knee is hurting. I'm not sure what they did to chage this shoe, but I would NOT reccomend this to anyone. Very disappointed!!
From: Anonymous



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