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Comments: I'm now in to my second pair after wearing out the first. I'm not gonna lie, these shoes do have some flaws. The laces will come undone constantly unless you double knot them, and the top right shoe lace loop broke after only about a month of use. The rest of them held up for the next 6 months. When these wore out I considered some other brands and models, but I couldn't get past one positive of the purecadence2's. And that is the fact that I logged more miles with these shoes then any other shoe in the past 350+, and every mile was injury free. And when all things were considered that's what was most important to me. 6"1' 200lb.
From: Tony, Boone, Iowa, USA

Comments: In German there’s a word – vershlimmbesserung – which literally translates as “bad improvement”. It describes something that was meant to make things better but actually makes them worse. The upper on the PureCadence 2 is vershlimmbesserung. Please go back to the original. It was wonderful.
From: Neil, Toronto

Comments: I had a pair of the Cadence 1 and LOVED them -- the perfect shoe for my somewhat narrow feet. The Cadence 2 retains the outsole and midsole, and it's a solid shoe. But ... the upper has changed: the overall fit of the shoe is slightly looser for me than the Cadence 1, and the level of support also has decreased a bit. They still feel great underfoot -- it's the "around-foot" that's changed. The new upper also has less gap between left/right sides when tied; mine are so close there's no room to put a Garmin footpod in the laces. I'll experiment with different socks to change the fit (I use ultra-thin Injinji lightweights). I'd buy again, but I'd buy Cadence 1's over these in a heartbeat.
From: Clive, Charlotte, NC, USA

Comments: I have run in a lot of shoes, and the pure cadence 2's are the best. The only complaints about the cadence 1's were that the tongue slips to the side and the toe box is a bit sloppy, though I do have to still tighten them a lot because I have very narrow feet, the shoe still feels snug and they connected the tongue on one side so it does not slip anymore. The shoe encourages you to forefoot strike- the general placement of the cushion and support feels better than the saucany mirage, which I ran in for a year. I am a mid distance runner and I am also comfortable using them in speed workouts where I should really be wearing spikes or flats.
From: Mitch, Minnesota, USA

Comments: I was big fan of the Cadence 1, but the new upper in the 2 was a huge disappointment. The 2s are less snug, the toe box seems deeper which gives the shoe a slappy feel. In addition, the whole thing feels bulkier and less flexible. I didn't like the new lacing design primarily because they did away with the extra hole at the top. As a result, the heel slips. Finally, the new tongue is sewn in solid so you can't cinch it up for a more secure ride. If you are intent on trying these shoes you should definitely get a half size smaller than you would in the 1s. Overall, I didn't think changing an upper could hurt a shoe so much but the Cadence 2 proved me wrong. Why did you mess with a good thing?! I think I'll try the Virrata or Mirage from Saucony.
From: Will, Louisiana

Comments: I am a moderate overpronator and have never been able to successfully use an elemental or minimal shoe for regular training runs until I tried the 1st generation Cadence. I found them on sale at a local store and thought I'd give 'em a try. Found out they work for me for daily distance and long runs. It's great! Then I got a pair of the Cadence 2 during the Holidays. The new upper works very well with the sole unit and the shoe feels more like a single piece than the predecessor. However, the Cadence 1 has more reinforcement in the midfoot upper than the Cadence 2. This small difference has a substantial negative result for me. Less reinforcement in the arch area allows my arch to flex just a little too much. After medium distance runs in the Cadence 2, I feel aches in all the wrong places (feet, knees and hips). The next day, I can do a 2-hour run in the old Cadence 1 and feel great afterwards with no aches. The Cadence line has allowed me to use an entirely new shoe category and for that I remain a big fan. But I'm disappointed that I cannot use the Cadence 2 for the variety of runs that I can with the 1st generation model.
From: Jeff, Scottsdale, AZ, USA

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