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Comments: The re-designed asymmetrical lacing system on the Cadence 2 is a disaster. The laces loosen as you run and the shoes slip around. The longer you run the worse it gets, and it's especially bad on trail runs that add side-to-side stepping and jumping. I've worn these on two 20+ mile runs and both times had to stop and re- tie/tighten the laces so my feet would stay stable. The loosening was a disaster when I wore them in a 50k trail race, and I took them off as soon as I got to my drop bag. I owned ten pairs of the Cadence original style and ran 20 marathon/ultras, on roads and trails, without a single problem. I can't even finish one race in this new version, I won't buy a second pair. Stability shoe buyers loved your original design. Go back to it and your loyal customers will return. 
From: Mary, Madison, WI, USA

Comments: WHHHHHHHYYYYY Brooks? WHYYYYYY? You totally messed up this shoe! Why did you feel the need to make the toebox so hard and narrow at the top??? I LOVED the Cadence and bought three pairs of the first version. The new ones pinch my toes and give me blisters even if I go up 1.5 sizes. 
From: Anonymous

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