Brooks PureFlow 3 Men's Shoes Electric/Black/White Customer feedback

Comments:I'm on pair number two of these, and have been running in PureFlows since the PureFlow 1. They are dramatically better than the PureFlow 2, which caused me tendon pain due to their off-centered lacing. It is similar to the PureFlow 1, and I actually prefer the change to the sole of the shoe. Anyway, it's a solid update and I recommend them.
From: Jeremy. July 28th 2014

Comments: Don't like the update. I loved the PureFlow 1, but everything has gone downhill since then. PureFlow 2 had that weird offset lacing, and the PureFlow 3 sports a new sole (the only good thing that was retained from models 1 to 2). The problem I have with the PF3 is the "beveled" lateral outsole. Brooks has for some reason decided to shave off the lateral portion of the shoe, especially around the heel. This causes the foot to tilt to the outside, which can exacerbate existing biomechanical issues like ITBS. At least it does with me. I don't know why anybody at Brooks thought this was a good idea. It's such a shame because the PF1 was such a perfect shoe!
From: Jeff. May 28th 2014

Comments: Profile: 5'9, 190lbs (Muscular build), Shoe Size: 13, Weekly Mileage: 25-30 This shoe is a keeper. I wanted a shoe that had a natural feel but didn't sacrifice cushioning. I previously ran in the Brooks Ghost 6, which are great, but my feet were often sore after runs. So far I've put in roughly 12 miles on these-- one 7 miler on the treadmill and one 4 miler on the road. For me, if a shoe passes the treadmill test, it will usually work long term. Even though the shoe is light, it isn't fragile like other "natural" running shoes I've tried. From a style perspective, the shoe looks great and is the most reflective shoe I've owned so far, which is great for safety. The tongue of the shoe is attached to keep it in place, which seemed odd at first, but it actually works. The lace structure is asymmetrical, which seemed awkward but works well for comfort and a snug fit.
From: P.Murphy, Greenville, NC, USA. May 8th 2014

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