Brooks PureGrit 2 Women's Shoes NightLife/Green/Blk Customer feedback

Comments: These shoes fit my hard-to-fit feet like a glove.  Seemed a little tight across the big toe joints out of the box, but after wearing them just around the house for a few days and then logging a few miles in them, they fit so perfectly, it seems like they were molded on my feet at the factory.  I had a little issue with heel slippage and rubbing at the heel but rethreading the laces through the sixth eyelet instead of the fifth and lacing tightly resolved that issue.  Previous shin-splint problems have been solved with these shoes.  Yes!!
From: Jen, Jackson, WY

Comments: A little narrower and shorter than the first generation. I wear a size 9 in both PureGrit and PureGrit 2, but the cuff hit too high on version 2 and will rub too hard on my Achilles' tendon. The original PureGrit cuff had heavier duty or denser fabric, which wore VERY well. I noticed Brooks seems to do some strange scaling across sizes because the original shoe's tread was much closer together the smaller the shoe size, even size 9 versus 8.5. The original hurt my first metatarsal head because it dipped in- between the tread. PureGrit 2 tread is much closer together and lower profile and would seem to remedy that. Would have kept this shoe like the first if only it did not rub my Achilles' tendon.
From: Heather, Fort Collins, Co USA

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