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Comments: Great overall cushioning in both the heel and forefoot. Not mushy, but far better than any shoe I have run in before. My only complaint is that the upper is not very breathable and gets hot during longer (over 4+ miles) runs. Tends to run a bit short and I went up a 1/2 size. Very pleased overall and I hope it is durable with the studded outsole?
From: Davie, Tempe, AZ, USA. August 25th 2014

Comments: When I decided to return to running, I knew that I'd need a shoe that would support my post-kids, get-back-into-shape weight. Being a tall 'Athena' female (ok more like a Clydesdale weight), with large feet, I went with the men's Stinsons. I am SO happy that I chose these shoes. They make trail running so much fun - my knees and feet are never sore, even after a run that includes a lot of downhill pounding. They work great on the road as well.
From: Kristina, Los Osos, CA, USA. June 23rd 2014

Comments: Just got my size 11 Stinson Trails (normally wear a 10.5 in most shoes) and the fit is great. I coach cross-country at the local high school and have been doing most of my running on grass and trails. I live on a great mountain road to run on, but dread the unforgiving pavement. I took the Hokas out for a nice 6mile run on the road and they were amazing. It took about 3 miles to get used to the soft but supportive feel, but the second three miles were a dream. I had no residual soreness in my calves or knees (which a 6 mile road run always normally creates), and I finished the last mile doing 3/4 speed striders with short walk breaks. Overall I am extremely pleased and will continue to use the Hokas for runs of over 3 miles
From:  Bill, Saugerties, NY, USA

Comments: A big step in quality from the original Bondis. I have this and the Tarmac. Both are great shoes and perfect for those that get injured a lot. A soft ride, but responsive and light enough for faster running. They are great for people will skinny feet, but not skinny enough for a smaller width. Highly recommend.
From: Pat, Raleigh, NC, USA

Comments: FANTASTIC Shoe. This is probably the best design full functioning shoe on the market today. Let me give you some history, I am a seasoned runner (20+ years of road and trail running).  Traditionally I have been a low profile minimal drop shoe person but about 18 months ago a bone spur in my hip caused a tear in my right acetabular labrum.  This resulted in a surgical removal of the bone spur and labral repair.  Basically I thought my running days were over but due to the Hoka One One I am back. 

I am currently only up to about 20 miles a week with a plan to get back to 50 - 60 mile weeks in about a year and these shoes are the
ticket. I tried the Bondi's but preferred the rolling action compared to what felt like a slapping action with the Bondi's.  So far I have
taking these shoes on Hard pack trails in Southern California and Central Oregon as well as sent them on their way on rooty wet trails
of the Williamette valley in Oregon and many road adventures. The best part about them is although the cushion is amazing you don't
loose the feel of the surface you are running on. They respond like a shoe with a soel of 6-10mm, just amazing!

I will certainly keep these shoes in my arsenal to get out there and run. Keep it up Hoka!
From: Brandon, Sweet Home, Oregon, USA

Comments: All i have to say is ah-mazing. This is my third pair of Hokas and i can't get enough of them! SO MUCH SUPPORT! After my strenuous marathon I won as a teenager, I decided to take up trail running. I don't even feel any pressure on my feet when trail running with these shoes. Now that i think of it, i can't even feel my feet at all when running. Great shoes, great Hokas. I love Hokas!
From: Ozi Gutierez, Los Osos, California, USA

Comments: Narrower with a softer midsole than the Bondi's, the Evo Trail lugs are perfect for road and most trails. The outsole wears much better than the Bondis'. I have 300 miles on them and hope get get another 2-300.
From: David, Ashburn, VA


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