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Comments: This shoe is the real deal. I was very skeptical at first of the oversize Hoka trends. I chose the Rapa Nui 2 because it is less cushioned than the oversized Bondi Mafate or Stinson. I was coming from the minimalist Peregrines which were the only trail shoe I had ever ran in. From halfs to marathon to trail ultras, I loved the Peregrine. The Rapa Nui has to be worn be believed. There is nothing like it. The biggest benefit is in the steep technical descents. I was skeptical of the oversize shoe and the ability to control yourself on the descents. I've been in the shoe for 6 weeks now and have run and raced trails with very technical sections. Never have I even thought I would roll an ankle or lack control while running on the oversize platform. In fact, the number one benefit of the Hoka is I definitely feel like my legs are fresher and get beat up less coming down the hills. I highly recommend this shoe. Some negatives, the speed lace system doesn't work. I cut them out and replaced with traditional laces immediately. The toe box is big, order half a size down, even then I wear thicker than usual socks to fill up the box. The tongue is pretty poor built. I find myself wearing padding (ie, corn pads, padded moleskin) on my ankle to lessen the irritation. All in all, there is no better shoe for running trails with.
From: Jonathan, Sacramento, CA, USA. September 22nd 2014

Comments: This is a fantastic lighter weight shoe with superb heel and forefoot cushioning without feeling, at all, mushy. This model is not as build up as much (midsole) as most other Hoka models, but it's still provides an excellent heel to toe transition. This is probably the best running shoe I've ever owned in 30+ years of running considering the weight, cushioning plus over comfort. Have taken 4 7 mile runs and my legs are almost refreshed after doing them. I highly recommend this one! The only small downside was I didn't like the flimsy laces provided and bought some 45" oval laces and the work fine.
From: David, Tempe, AZ, USA. June 26th 2014

Comments: I have enjoyed Hoka shoes,the bondi 2 and evo,this shoe felt great out of the box,I had been wearing the rapi nui comp the European only predecessor to this shoe which fit well ,so I was happy when this shoe was released in the USA.Thats where it ends this shoe is far more narrow than any other hoka shoe and with the foot sitting down in the sole a little there is no room for if you have narrow feet this is great news for you,but I wear a normal D width and this shoe makes the side of my feet and little toe ache after 6 miles So very disappointed with this shoe Hoka need to work on there toe box and make a width selection available,because other than it would be an awesome shoe.
From: Rick, USA. 3/19/14

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