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Comments: This shoe should get far more attention -- it is absolutely my favorite shoe of all time. I run a mix of road and trails averaging 40-65 per week dependent upon the situation -- lots of running on the grass/dirt/snow shoulder of the road. This shoe is ideal for all of those terrains. Compared with the 233 (Road-X) this is a far better all-around shoe (you can take it off the road and it thrives) but in my opinion it runs just as well on the road with just slightly less road feel (but still tons of feel). The upper is outstanding -- like the 233 -- very even wrap of the foot with a comfortable forefoot. You can really change the character of the shoe based on how tightly you lace it. Outsole is very versatile. Inov-8 seems good at continuing on with great shoes, so I hope they keep producing this one.
From: Chris, Boston, MA, USA

Comments: I bought that pair of shoes on early July this year and ran about 600k with them, mostly on trails, though some road transition as well. I'm very happy with the fit and overall sensations when running in these shoes.
One major downside however is the premature wear of the upper fabric which already gets a 2cm hole on the external side of the left toe box, and show signs of wear, near to a similar crack on the right foot as well. Ok, I didn't spare these nice shoes from some demanding and technical trails, but this is the 1st time I see anything like this on my shoes... Other than that I love them and it's quite disappointing to see them starting to fall apart!
From: Rodolphe, Rouen, France

Comments: I ran a four mile conditioning run on asphalt and do a hilly run on a loose - sandy terrain.  Like the feel of the 6mm difference. The two arrow cushion provides enough cushion and allows me to get a
good feel of the terrain. In the road it feels good even though its slightly off because of the sole pattern. I like how the shoefitr works and it actually give me a very accurate size. I also did some plyometrics with them and crossfit I prefer them better than the Flite230.  I like how the traction I got with this shoes compared to the previous hybrid/trail shoes that I have before. I am a forefoot/midfoot runner and this shoes suits me well. Other shoes that I recommend is Newton Running Shoes for Road shoes. Salomon S LAB Sense for technical trails and ultra distance trails running. INOV-8 Roclite 285 for short distance trail races.
From: Ed, Chicago, IL, USA

Comments: Noticed something odd about my pair of 303s. The left and right shoe are slightly different. Little things: the outsole tread depth, the footbed thickness, the shoe length and the pattern on the outsole are not perfectly identical on both shoes. None of these are really noticeable when running(except maybe the insole thickness), but it's very odd that these differences would exist. I wonder if I got a left and a right from two different production batches. The problem is now that I've noticed these difference, they're going to play on my mind.
From: Russell, Oakville ON, Canada

Comments: Probably the best pair of shoes I've ever worn. Super comfortable. It is low to the ground like most (if not all) Inov-8s, so you wouldn't want to heel strike on concrete with these. However there is adequate cushioning for mid-foot striking on any surface. I'm not sure what the technology is, but Inov-8 has managed to put cushioning, comfort, flexibility, responsiveness and lightness into one package. My last two pairs were Saucony Kinvara and Brooks Green Silence. The 303 feels like the best of both. I cannot comment too much on trail traction yet, sorry. But what strikes me every time i put on the 303 is how comfortable they are - running, walking, biking, or just standing. And they look great! Sorry had to throw that in.
From: Russell, Oakville ON, Canada

Comments: I really like the anatomical last.  Most friendly inov-8 last for my wide foot.  Trail traction is disappointing however.  Traction is not as good as most road shoes particularly on loose trails with mud or wet grass.  Perform adequately on harder packed trails and rock.  Enough cushioning for road running, but not the best road shoe.  I guess this is the bane of the hybrid shoe.  I am an Inov-8 fan.  Love my 155s and F-Lite 230s.  The 303s are destined for lawn mowing I'm afraid.
From: John, Saint Albans, VT, USA

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