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Comments: Very light, responsive, and comfortable. Toe box is wider than other inov-8s, and stretchy like other inov-8s. The lace system and the shape really offers a snug fit! It feels like it has more cushioning than the F-lite 230. Great to bring along on your trips. 
From: Ed, Santa Clara, CA, USA

Comments: Stiff during first few runs. The midsole then "broke in" and the ride is very comfortable. This is not a forgiving shoe, but very comfortable and light feeling. So far the sole is not showing undue wear, which I find remarkable given the lack of rubber underneath. 
From: Brad, Charlotte, NC, USA

Comments: Love the X Lite 150s.  This is the perfect shoe for doing triathlons for a minimalist runner.  The first 1/4 of mile is usually a bit rough for me until I get my stride right, but then they are just a pleasure to run in.  I received mine on a Friday and ran my triathlon in them the next day.  This did break the "don't try anything new" rule, but these shoes fit so well.  I have to reiterate Chas's comments about how quiet this shoe is to run in.  I have since bought the 195s and 233s and love all of them.  Inov 8 is quickly becoming my go to brand.
From: John, Mooresville, NC

Comments: Best zero drop shoes I have tried to date.  Far better (and faster) than the NB Minimus Zero. Just the right balance of road feel and protection for pavement.  You can really crank on these when you need to drop the hammer, but can sit back with a nice tempo as well.  The shoe will tell you how you are striking but won't punish you too much.  Note that my first two runs in them were miserable due to shoe break-in issues related to the plastic/glue that holds the laces against the sides of the shoe; I even developed a red tender area where this area on the shoe was contacting the outside of my foot.  Thankfully, it just required a little bit of break in to resolve.  The laces, by the way, and the tongue design -- all work very well on this shoe.   Hats off to Inov-8, which I think is making the best minimalist shoes these days.  Can't wait to get something from the Trailroc series!
From: Steve, Reading, PA USA

Comments: Took these X Lite 150s out of the box, on to my feet, out the door for a 19 mile test drive, AWESOME. I have been wearing the Lite 230s and love those too.
From: Dennis, Endwell, NY, USA

Comments: First impressions are nice lightness. Little stiffer and harder than anticipated. Heels are somewhat large and slip quite a bit. I find the Inov-8 Talons, one of their trails shoes to have a better fit and softer ride ironically.
From: Shead,Western Colorado, USA

Comments: There aren't enough great things I can say about this shoe.  I got my first pair of Inov-8's a few weeks ago, and I have 4 different models now.  This one may be my favorite out of them.  It definitely will be my go-to shoe for 5k-10k road races, and triathlons if and when I get into those.  I could see myself doing some longer distances as well with them.  They are fantastic for speed work.  Super light, great ground feel, superior breathe-ability, and easy on/off.  I especially like not having to mess with tying laces.  Also, these shoes are QUIET!  Instead of the "thwack,thwack, thwack" I get from many other shoes, my footfalls in these sound like a whispery "pit, pat, pit, pat."  Something about that appeals to me.  I feel lighter and faster.  If you are a minimalist runner with good form, add these to your collection.  In a few weeks is the Leprechaun 8K in my town, and you know I will be rocking the green model of these there!
From: Chas, Cornelius, NC USA

Comments: I like the low profile (zero drop) and the toe box, but the quick lacing system caused bruises on the the tops of both feet. I really hope that, given a little time, these shoes will break in and the fit will be more comfortable.  I am tempted to reverse the lacing (top to bottom) or put some real laces in...
From: Jereme, Cincinnati, OH, USA

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